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Part one:

FAQ from the customers

Q. 1. The trader/reseller or the directly factory & manufacturer the CERPACK is?

Manufacturer/factory, but not the trading company.

Q. 2. Any certificate of the CERPACK’s quality management?

Yes, ISO9001:2015 Certified, No. 01416Q10549R1S.

Q. 3. If our Produce has the CE certificate?

Yes, CE NO.0S170213.GCP0T45.

What's more, Our CE certificate is under the latest and full Directives(EMC 2014/30/EU, LVD 2014/35/EU, MD 2006/42/EC).  95% of the Chinese suppliers ‘s CE meets only two Directives, LVD and MD, but not EMC.

Q. 4. Materials of the CERPACK’s machine?

Generally, full food grade stainless steel.

Q. 5. Brand of main electrical components?

Our main electrical components are powered by the world famous brands, such as Mitsubishi, Omron, Panasonic, KEYENCE, Siemens, ABB and AirTAC.

The other upgrading components from SMC, FESTO, AB are also optional & available.

Q. 6. Delivery time, and any delay?

Generally, 10-20 working days for the general machine under any quantity. A little longer for the customized machine.

We’re to always strictly follow our agreements & contract terms to the delivery time as our agreements. Only after got the agreement from the customer to the delay the delay is to happen because any possible delay is to be communicated with the customer in advance as early as possible.

Q. 7. Payment terms, if the L/C is ok?

Generally, by T/T.

The irrevocable L/C at sight is also acceptable for the old & regular customers. Only T/T is acceptable for the 1st trail order from the new customer.

Q. 8. Oversea engineer service is available or not?

Yes, the engineer face-to-face installing, and training are available as our related terms.

Q. 9. Which type of the Package our machine for the oversea customers?

We will clean every parts, package firstly with the wrap film, then put in the standard export plywood case ( Fumigation Free).

What’s more, the package & pallet always bears the necessary labels, such as “ FORK HERE”, “label here”, and the shipping marks as the customer’s request.

Q. 10. Do you also supply the packing film, ?

Yes, we can offer you the plastic roll film because we have a long term cooperated supplier for roll film and the price is favorable.

Q. 11.Do you also supply the printing ribbon?

Yes, we can supply you the ribbon, or we can introduce our long term cooperated supplier to you.

Q. 12. Why Choose Us?

a..1 year full warranty, or longer warranty time we’re open if the user has the request of the longer warranty.
b. Practical solution will be available within 24 hours.
c.365*24 hours online services, WhatsApp or Wechat within 15 hours.
d. CE , ISO900:2015 standards, all of the machines through 6 times test before selling.
e. Within warranty period, all exchanges due to defects are free and give maintenance service for life long.

Part two:

BASIC INFORMATION REQUEST and FAQ to the customers from us

The following request we have to the customer:

1.The picture of your raw product, your sample bag, and the film design drawing when you ask an offer;

2. The sample film and the sample raw product for us to test your machine when you decide to place an order.

Also, the following user’s requirements we are to ask you to decide and offer you the suitable machine:

1. What is your packaging product?

2. How many gram/ml per bag?

3. What bag shape type you need?

4. What is your bag size (the width and length)?

5. What material, and thickness your film is?

6. What packing speed you expect?

7. What is voltage and Hertz in your local?

If you need the customized machine, we can design and manufacture the packaging machine as your individual requirements.