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Frozen Food Packaging Machine

The type of the frozen food packaging equipment is suitable for weighing and packaging frozen foods, such as frozen fishes, fruit, frozen dumplings, rice dumplings, etc...

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Product Details

Frozen Food Packaging Machine

weigher filler packaging machine for food

Mechanical Character

frozen food multihead weigher

* Uniform design standards contribute to better interchangeability for spare parts.

* Weigh hoppers selected in combination can be set to stagger dump to avoid blocking problem.

* Combined with high accuracy and high speed, a best combination is selected by CPU instantly from many good combinationos.

details of the frozen food weigher

Optional Function Devices

1. Nitrogen gas charging device

2. Linked bag device

3. Gusset bag device

4. Hole punching device

5. PE sealing system

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 combinated weigher packing machine-frozen food

* Applicable Bag Type: pillow bag, gusset bag, seal type bag.

* Applicable Film Materials: a variety of laminated films, single-layer PE film (Film Thickness Range: 0.04~0.15mm).

* Applicable Packing products: a variety of recreation food, frozen food, coffee beans, oatmeal, granulated sugar, salt, rice, pet food, small hardware etc.

1. What kinds of bags can be packed ?

We have many kinds of bags, such as pillow bag, back sealing gusset bag, side sealing gusset bag, four seal bag, "M" bag, triangle bag and so on.

2. May i purchase the packaging machinery spare parts too ?

Sure, highly appreciated.

Frozen food bag by vffs pack machine


Normally we have some questions to customers.

1. What is you want to pack?

2. How many grams to pack?

3. What is volume?

4. What is voltage and Hertz in your local?

If you want to design the special packing machine, we can manufacture the packing machine as your requirements

Specifications of the Full Automatic Weighing Bag Packaging Machine For Frozen Food


CP520B-14head weigher

Bag sizeMax length 400mm, max width250mm, film max width 520mm
Bag volumeMax. 6liters 
Dosing by frozen food combinated multihead weigher 

Max. Cap.(g)


Weighing Accuracy(g)


Max. Weighing Speed


Hopper Volume

1600 ml/2500ml

Control Panel

7"LCD  Touch Screen

Water proof grade

IP 65

Driving System

Step Motor

Package and loading : 

tranport package of the frozen food packaging machine

About cer packing machinery: 

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