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High Speed Packaging Machine

Widely suitable to package many different granule products under the high packing speed need:
Packaging materials: generally, the heat sealable laminates film.

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Product Details

High Speed Packaging Machine

Fully automatic, vertical form, fill and seal machine, designed for processing heat sealable packagingmaterials.

General view: 

Film Material:PET/PE, Aluminum/PE, OPP/PE,etc

Bag Type: pillow bag, back sealing bag( also, called as center sealing)

Pouch Length: Up to 400 mm

Packing Range: 10 g to 1 Kgs

Filing System: combinated multihead weigher, or volumetric cup filler(motor drives)

Film Width: Up to 520 mm

Packing Speed: Up to 90 pouches/min

Paper Pulling: Clutch Brake Motor Control

Minimum Order Quantity:1 Set

high speed packaging machine


Servo Motor Panasonic two Units: one drives the film pulling belt couple while the other drives the horizontal sealer unit. 

Code, such as date and lots number, Printing.

Mitsubishi PLC.

Photocell Unit For Print Registration.

Some Sets Of common Working parameters Can Be Stored.

Machine frame is made of high quality stainless steel 304.

Machine housing with hygienically smooth and easy to clean surfaces.

Full safe door with the interlock switch.

Completely enclosed drive elements for protection from dust.

Easy accessibility to the machine elements for servicing.

Quick Clamp devices for tool less change over of forming set.

Adjustable pneumatically belt pressure.

Fault Message Display.

Basic Pneumatic equipment using Solenoid Valves, Pressure Regulators and Air Cylinders to performSealing. Knife Cut & Seal Cooling.

Setting and adjustment for bag length through operator interface.

Machine base with height adjustable evelling elements.

Basic Machine Includes:

One Unit Former

One Set Sealing Jaw

Sample bag by the vffs machine:

Sample bags by vffs machine with multihead weigher

The main technical parameters:

Main vertical packaging machine's details_副本

Our production process for the vertical packing machine: 

Vertical pouch packaging machine manufacturing process

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