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High Speed Vertical Packaging Machine

Widely suitable to package many different granule products under the high packing speed need:
Packaging materials: generally, the heat sealable laminates film.

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Product Details

High Speed Vertical Packaging Machine

The machine is an Automatic Vertical High Speed Servo Bagger Packing Machines.It is driven by servo motors and thus it ensure smooth laminate pulling, pouch filling and sealing. The machine can operate up to 90, even 120 pouches per minute. The machine can pack up from 100 gm to 1Kg product in centre seal pouches. The machine can be given with different types of filling system such as multihead Weigher filler, Volumetric Cup Filler,etc.. based upon the type of product. The pouch size can be easily varied by changing the collars easily.

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Product Specification

Packing Material:Heat Sealable Laminated Rolls

Sealing Type: Center Seal,Back Seal, Pillow seal

Pouch Length: Up to 400 mm

Packing Range: 10 g to 1 Kgs

Filing System: multihead weigher, or volumetric cup filler(motor drives)

Film Width: Up to 520 mm

Packing SpeedUp to 90 pouches/min

Power Required:"Single/Three Phase 50-60 Hz, 3-5 kw"

Compressed Air:6-8 kg/cm sq.

Paper Pulling: Clutch Brake Motor Control

Minimum Order Quantity:1 Set

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Product Description

Automatic Vertical High Speed Servo Bagger Packing Machines, Collar Type Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine meet the packaging demands of Free Flow Granules and Snacks. The model options available with us includes FFS Machine with Cup Filler.CER Packing Machinery offers Vertical Form Fill Seal.

Machines are used to pack powders & granules such as tea, coffee, spices, rice, pulses, hina powder, milk powder, nuts, dry fruits, wheat flour, besan, maida, namkeens, snack food , biscuits etc.

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Hot foil batch coding

Nitrogen Charging

Infeed conveyor unit

Outfeed conveyor

Pouch Gusseted unit

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The general vertical form fill seal(VFFS) processes:


1. Film roller locking;

2. Guide tensioning;

3. Coding positioning;

4. Eye marks tracking;

5. Forming by the collar of the bag former;

6. Vertical sealing;

7. Filling into the tube of the bag former;

8. Horizontal sealing( driven by servo motor);

9. Cutting;

10. Finished bags outputting.

Additional Information

HS Code:842230

Machine Model: CP520/CP420

Delivery Time:45 Days

Port Of Dispatch: Huangpu Port, Shekou Port, etc

Production Capacity: 30 Sets per month

Packaging Details: Wooden Crates

Payment Terms:T/T (Bank Transfer), or L/C(letter of credits)

Details of the main vffs machine:

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About us: 

Production process of our vertical packaging machine and complete packing system:

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Order process:

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