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Namkeen Bag Packing Machine

Suitable to packaging the high-accuracy and fragile granule , such as puffy food , crispy rice , Potato Chips , Snacks , candy , pistachio , sugar , apple slices , dumpling , chocolate , pet food , small wares etc...

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Product Details

Namkeen Bag Packing Machine

Product Description

This salad packaging machine line combines with multi-head weigher, working platform, vertical packing machine, output conveyor, rotary table, etc. And some optional devices to be choosed, such as nitrogen gas flushing, gusset device, air expeller, hole punch device, special sealing jaws, auto film tracking device, tear notch device, material stopper, bag support, static charge eliminator, etc.

namkeen bag packaging machine

Product Feature

* Filling Capacity (Range): 5g to 3 Kgs with different Models of Head Weighers, belt weighers, etc.

* Production rate: 500 to 5000 pouches / hour

* Control: PLC Controlled

* Operation: HMI touch screen

* Packaging Material: Laminated Films (Standard machine).

* Power Requirements: 220V / 380V ( Single phase / Three phase)

Product Specification / Models

Model: CP398B 

Filling by: combinated multihead weigher

Weight range: Max.1kilogram 

Speed: 35-65BPM by 10head weigher, 45-85BPM by 14head weigher

Former width: Max.420mm

Bag length:Max. 300mm

Package volume range: Max.2.3Liters 

Main vertical packaging machine's details_副本


combinated weigher packing machine-leisure food

combinated weigher packing machine-agricultural product

This Namkeen packaging machine is highly suitable for kurkure & potato chips, chiwda, namkeen, dry-fruits, grains, tea, sugar, seeds etc.

snack food bag by weigher filler packing machine

Other Information

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