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Nuts Packing Machine

The cashew nut packing machine or similar dry granule product packaging machine can be used widely to packageg the high-accuracy and fragile granule , such as puffy food , crispy rice , Potato Chips , Snacks , candy , pistachio , sugar , apple slices , dumpling , chocolate , pet food , small wares etc...

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Product Details

Nuts Packing Machine

Product Description

Nut Packing Machine

multihead weigher filling and packaging machine

Product Feature

Nut Packing Machine including Vibration feeder,Z Shape Conveyor,Multi Head Weigher,Vertical packing machine,Finshed Product Conveyor.

weigher filler packaging machine for food

Vertical Packing Machine:

1.Stainless steel models;

2.Touch screen interface,easy to use and operate;

3.PLC controller,ensure easy of operation;

4.Electronic temperature control;

5.Pneumatic end seal;

6.Servmotor is loaded for double film pulling belt;

7.Date printer is automatically set;

8.Mark sensor(Phone eye)for registration film.

9.Quickly format changes,no tools required.

Vibration Feeder 

1.Be used for conveying bulk materials continously out from hopper,and often used to supply material for chain hoist.

2.Adopts the electromagnetic vibrarion principle,convey material to hoist's hopper evenly,realize feeding automatically.

3.Characterized by long durability,low noise,maintenance free.

Multihead Weigher

1.Program recovery function can reduce operation failures.

2.No products auto pause function can improve weighing stability and accuracy.

3.High-precision digital loadcell.

4.User-friendly help menu in touchscreen contributes to easy operation.

5.100 programs capacity can meet various weighing requirement.

6.Linear amplitude can be adjusted independently.

Working platform

1.Stainless steel structure.

2.Characterized by solid,generous,and durable.

3.Stout railing and thick antiskid pattern aluminum give you the most security.

4.Used in bearing multihead combination scale,mating packer and related equirpment.

Z Shape Conveyor

1.Hoist Hopper is made of food grade polypropylene(PP),with artistic looking ,difficult deformation,resistance hear and cold.

2.Bucket elevator can be used as a continuous on batch-type weighing machine or packaging production line by connecting with other facilities.

3.Simple maintenance ,easy disasembling and convenient.Non-standard type size can make according to customer's requirements.

Finished Product Conveyor

1.Be composed by stainless steel frame and module type chain plate belt which is made of food grade polypropylene(PP),then comes a elegant appearance.

2.Mainly used to convey the finished product in packer.

Product Introduction

Multi-head Weigher: 2-head weigher,4-head weigher,10 head waterproof combination weigher,12 head waterproof combination weigher,14 head waterproof combination weigher.

Granule Vertical Packing Machine: manual packing machine,high-speed V.F.F.S machine,mid-speed V.F.F.S machine,4-side sealing V.F.F.S machine,ultra-large V.F.F.S machine,high-speed twin type V.F.F.S machine

Packing Line: weighing&packing line,weighing&packing line, semi-automatic packing solution,linear weigher packing line.

Packaging Related Equipment:check weigher,metal detector,continuous sealing machine, working platform,vibration feeder,rotary collecting table

Conveying and lifting equipment: inclined conveyor,single-bucket conveyor,Z bucket elevator,finished product conveyor

Product will continued upgrading...Let us be your best and professional packing partner. 

Application / Models

It's suitable to use in solid material,such as puffy food,shrimp roll,peanut,popcorn,cornmeal,seed,sugar and salt etc.which shape is roll,slice and granule.

combinated weigher packing machine-agricultural product

combinated weigher packing machine-leisure food_副本

combinated weigher packing machine-frozen food

combinated weigher packing machine-fresh food

combinated weigher packing machine-hardware

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