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Packing Machine for 1 Kg Sugar

The sugar packing machine, or similar machine is Widely used to package the granule product or loose dry powder, such as instant milk powder, instant coffee powder, 3in1 coffee powder, oatmeal, white sugar, washing powder, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence seasoning, seasoning granule & powder, etc...

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Product Details

Packing Machine for 1 Kg Sugar

The Vertical packaging machine (VFFS) is designed to wrap widely many different types products, and is very simple & easy to operate. Also it can supply very stable performance, and has very low maintenance rate, so very reliable.

The machine is operated by a 7" color touch screen HMI with the PLC(an integral industrial PC). All machine parameters can be adjusted and saved by a very flexible and quick changing in the interface.


volumetic cup filler packing machine can package these product

The sugar packaging equipment works usually as following process:

1st, Raw product lifting and Feeding;

2nd, Measuring and filling by the volumetric cup filler;

3rd, Coding, Forming, Sealing and cutting by the vertical ffs machine;

4th, Finish bags outputting

The technical parameters

Package shape: pillow bag, gusset bag, or bag with hang hole

Package size range: length Min 80mm up to Max. 300mm, width Min 60mm till to Max. 200mm

Rollstock film width: Max. 420mm 

Package volume: Max. 2300ml( usually, max.1kilogram)

Control and operate: PLC and touch screen human machine interface in English


the following user’s requirements we are to ask you to decide and offer you the suitable machine:

1.      What is your packaging product?

2.      How many gram/ml per bag?

3.      What bag shape type you need?

4.      What is your bag size (the width and length)?

5.      What material, and thickness your film is?

6.      What packing speed you expect?

7.      What is voltage and Hertz in your local?

  If you need the customized machine, we can design and manufacture the packaging machine as your individual requirements.


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