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Pulses Packing Machine

Suitable to weigh and package the granule product, such as rice, seeds, oat, sugar , detergent powder, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence seasoning, seasoning granule & powder, etc...

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Product Details

Pulses Packing Machine

four head linear weigher packaging machine

Product Specification

Driven Type Electric

Automatic Grade Automatic

Film Width upto 620 mm

Sealing Type Center Seal (intermittent)

Packing Range 10 g to 3 kgs (Depend upon Product by different Models)

Packing Speed upto 50 Pouches / Min. (Depends up product & weight).

Filing system Load cell controlled weigh fillers.

Pouch Length Upto 400 mm by single pulling filling, 600mm or even longer can be done by two time pulling film for unit bag 

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Set

Product Description

Packing Machine with Weight System, Automatic Packaging Machines, are used to pack powders & granules such as tea, coffee, , spices, rice, pulses, hina powder, milk powder, nuts, dry fruits, wheat flour, besan, maida, namkeens, snack food , biscuits etc.

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Product Image

four head weigher pulses packing machine

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