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Quad Bag Coffee Beans Packaging Machine

The four edges sealing bag packaging machine is Mainly suitable to package many different granule under small weight & volume, but high added value product, such as pet food, candy, chocolate, nut, coffee, etc...

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Product Details

Quad Bag Coffee Beans Packaging Machine


Quick details

Model NO.: CP620T 

Material Type: Solid 

Packaging: Four edges sealing Bag, quad sealing bag, Enbloc sealing stand up bag

Packaging Material: Open rollstock Film

Structure: SS304 

Operation: PLC Control, Easy Operation 

Bay Type: Quad Seal Bag 

Speed: Middle/Low speed Packing 

Film: Composite Plastic Film 

Certification: CE NO.0S170213.GCP0T45, complied with full three latest directives(EMC 2014/30/EU, LVD 2014/35/EU, MD 2006/42/EC)

Delivery: Timely 

ransport Package: Export Wooden Case 

Origin: Guangzhou 

HS Code: 842230

Sample bags

Quad sealing bag is also called as Four Edges sealing bag.jpg

Product Description

quad seal packaging machine.jpg


advantage of four edges sealing bag packaging machine.jpg


parameter of quad seal pack machine.jpg

Original photos of the automatic quad seal bagging equipment:

Details of our quad seal bag packing machine.jpg

Packing bags sample

Packing bag sample_副本.jpg

Package and Shipping

packaging and shipping.jpg

Our Services


1.Doing the fatigue tests for two day to make the machine perfect. 

2.Doing Machine safety features testing report and Machine operation testing report for our customer.

3.Operate  video  service.

4.Machine finished picture and working  video before shipment.

5.Machine package picture  and video send by email.

6.One years guarantee for all machines.

7.Our engineer overseas service.


In order to decide and give customer the suitable solution, we have some question to confirm as below if possible. Or we will give you a general offer of the similar, but not exact and final machine for your reference.


1. What is your filling material? 

A. Granule 

B. Powder 

C. Liquid 

D. Paste or sauce


2.What is your bag shape?

A. three sides sealing 

B. four sides sealing 

C. Back sealing bag 

D. Stick bag 

E. guseet bag

F. Quad seal bag 

Optional bag shapes_副本.jpg

3.What is your bag size?

4.What is your filling weight and filling volume in bag?

5.What is voltage and Hertz in your local?


Our enterprise

1.CERPACK is innovative.  Some customer packing requirement has  a little different with standard packing. At this moment, we will help customer spend less cost to buy a suitable machine. We will help them make some change on some parts or device. "OEM" we also do it very well in this aspect.  And we also invest devoping part, attract more and more technical desinger, collect new idea, provide customer with different requirement a suitable project.

2.CERPACK machine is practical. Every part of our machines we will make sure it is necessary. We will make sure the machine frame is stable, and also save the cost at the same time. 

3.CERPACK person is perseverance. When we face customer doubt or misunderstand or maintaintence problem, we will be patient with customer and give them the best solution. When something in trouble, we dare to take responsibility on it. 

Our Factory

our plant where your vertical packaging machine is made.jpg

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