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Salt Packaging Machine

The sugar packing machine, or similar machine is Widely used to package the granule product or loose dry powder, such as instant milk powder, instant coffee powder, 3in1 coffee powder, oatmeal, white sugar, washing powder, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence seasoning, seasoning granule & powder, etc...

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Salt Packaging Machine

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CERPACK has seen in recent years that customers are increasingly looking for complete solutions to their weighing and packaging problems. Our company is well equipped to supply bagging machines with complete packaging systems.


All new packing equipment comes with after sales support and spares in stock from CERPACK; new equipment is also accompanied by a 12 month guarantee.


We supply the ‘CER’ vertical form, fill and seal machines, they are engineered to exacting standards and use only the high quality components. They are hand-built by skilled, experienced packaging machine engineers in Guangzhou, China. The result is an extremely reliable, efficient vertical form fill and seal machine. Maintenance and down-time are therefore kept to a minimum and this makes the machines cost-effective to own and operate.


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