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Salt Packing Machine

The salt pouch packing machine, or similar machine is specially used to package the salt or similar food granule product, or chemical granule...

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Product Details

Salt Packing Machine


1. The machine is a customized designed for the salt packaging:

a.Separate cabinet;

b.Full water proof cabinet with double doors as IP65;

c.The main machinery parts, and the machine frame are full stainless steel, while the rest very few necessary non-stainless steel machinery parts are painted by Teflon.

2. Improved again: we've improved the cooling system of the sealing structure in our single layer PE packaging machine so the machine can run faster, stably at around 45-46 bags per min(250-350gram). Usually, the other chinese supplier can make sure the single layer PE film machine run at around 10-20bags per mins.

3. Strong sealing performance under the consistent sealing temperature by the PID temperature controller.

4. Volumetric cups filler supplys Economic solution for the users in the hope of reducing the cost.

5. The salt packaging machine's running video at YouTube:

6. The automatic salt bag packing machines use a Mitsubishi PLC and colorful touch screen HMI to store settings such as pack length, sealing temperatures, timings etc. The standard machine can store up to 10 programs, but this can be increased if required. 




After-sales Services:


We Promise Customer Perfect Guarantee and After-Service:


1st, As for CERPACK packaging machine, our company provides full 12 months for all mechanical parts with the exception of electrical and electronic parts and those subjects to normal wear and tear. Meanwhile, the guarantee starts from the shipment (B/L issuing date). The guarantee is intended limited to the replacement of the broken part after checking the construction fault. The guarantee declines in the case the customer proceeds, without proper consent, to the replacement, modification, or repair of parts. The inspection of the causes of the trouble or the breakdown of the parts is exclusively up to the manufacturing company. All in all, our company can offer you assured products. Our detailed after-sales services are to be as the following terms.


2nd,Usually,our manual and guidance videos can give you a brief view how to install, connect, test, set, maintain.


3rd, Freely contact your sales manager by email, calling, or online message APP if you cannot find the solution as any problems happen. Your request is surely to get feedback within 24hours(usually, within 2 hours if your request is sent during our on-duty time).


4th, Our oversea face-to-face installing and training services are available if you need, and agree our engineer & technician site services terms as following:

 1.CERPACK 's oversea engineer should take airline to go to the user's plant in the agreed date by our two party.

 2.The user's should pay for the charges & fee of travel ( air ticket and Visa )& accommodation, and technicians & engineers.

 3.Training: we've design the most suitable training program for our different customers based on their specific requirements.


5th,Spare parts changing:

  1.within one year,  free spare parts  while you pay the freight or express charges;

  2. beyond one year: spare parts at our basic cost while you pay the freight or express charges.

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