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Screw Packing Machine

The automatic screw counting packaging machine, or similar hardware couting packaging machine, is specially designed to package regular subjects in furniture & electronic industry like bolts, screws, nuts, small hardware, small wood stick, plastic parts, etc...

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Screw Packing Machine


The machine mainly takes the measuring and filling way of automatically counting the item one piece by one;

F&C window counting fiber, Mitsubishi PLC+ WEINVIEW HM, Panasonic servo motor;

Automatic program set-up, Photo cell tracking mark, quick change former assembly & film roll;

Pneumatic units as the main power for the bagging, sealing & cutting units;

Two item counting and filling models:

A.Mainly Automatically optical fiber counting & vibrating disc filling for general subjects;

Note: the counting bowl is always Customized as the user's real sample hardware

B. Manual feeding for a few of the special subjects.

Supplying many kinds of customized counting & packaging system as the user's individual requirements.


The automatic screw counting packaging machine, or similar hardware couting packaging machine, is specially designed to package regular subjects in furniture & electronic industry like bolts, screws, nuts, small hardware, small wood stick, plastic parts, etc.

Main Advantages compared with manually packaging model:

Automatic counting packaging machine Vs. Manually packaging

Labor cost

Usually, one set of the automatic machine can replace at 8-10 workers. The net saving of the labor is 60-80% after reducing the machine operators.

Packing material cost

Usually, 40-60% packaging material cost saving.

The machine uses the film roll while you user has to use the pre-made bags under the manual packing model.

Error rate

Automatic machine can control the error rate within 0.5-1% easily. However, the error rate under the manual model is very difficult to control because that depends on many unpredictable factors, even the worker's mood.

The whole automatic counting packaging system includes the following main parts:


automatic feeder(bucket, or belt)

automatically lift and feed the hardware items to the bowls

vibrating bowl with
the counting fiber

automatically count and fill the hardware into the horizontal bucket conveyor

bowl support stand table

fix the bowls

bucket conveyor

automatically collect the hardware from the bowls,

and then convey &fill them into the bag former tube of the main packaging machine

Packing machine

automatically make the hardware bags

supply the power & also work as the  controller heart of the  whole system

complete alarm function, including alarm   when the feeder needs to be loaded more items.

finished bags output conveyor

lift and convey the finished bags, into the check weigher, or case

check weigher

check and delete the NG finished bags( less or more item quantity )


The main technical parameters of the vertical form fill seal machine


CP320B ( Tight machine)


Max 65bags/min

Measuring   range

Max 800ml

Bag   model

Pillow bag

Bag   size

L 50-200mm W50-150mm

Film   Width



PLC + Chinese/English interface

Air   consumption

0.8Mps, 0.25m3/min


1Phase,50Hz   ,AC 220V, /2.2KW


Hole Punching, Air exhausting

Gusset bag, Nitrogen charging


L 1100xW805xH1100mm



Our detailed services terms:  

Pre-sales Services:

1st,All of your inquiries are to get the soon feedback timely(within 1-2hours during the on-duty time while 8 hours during the off-duty time).

2nd, Over 1,000 professional videos of our packaging machine can give you a clear general view about our machine, and how our machine works.

3rd,Free packaging solution design, including the dimension drawing, or even 3D drawing,from our engineer team.

4th,The requests and the questions we usually have to the customers so that we can decide the suitable machine and offer you as soon as following two parts:

part one, the following request we have to the customer:

1. The picture of your raw product, your sample bag, and the film design drawing when you ask an offer;

2. The sample film and the sample raw product for us to test your machine when you decide to place an order.

part two the following user's requirements we are to ask you to choose and offer you the suitable machine:

1. What is your packaging product?

2. How many gram/ml per bag?

3. What is your bag size (the width and length)?

4. What is voltage and Hertz in your local?

If you need the customized machine, we can design and manufacture the packaging machine as your individual requirements.

Medium-sales Services:

CERPACK have the professionally trained, and experienced team to follow your orders methodically to guarantee the machine can be finished on time with high quality.

Also, you can get the regular updating of the machine processing.

After-sales Services:

We Promise Customer Perfect Guarantee and After-Service:

1st, As for CERPACK packaging machine, our company provides full 12 months for all mechanical parts with the exception of electrical and electronic parts and those subjects to normal wear and tear. Meanwhile, the guarantee starts from the shipment (B/L issuing date). The guarantee is intended limited to the replacement of the broken part after checking the construction fault. The guarantee declines in the case the customer proceeds, without proper consent, to the replacement, modification, or repair of parts. The inspection of the causes of the trouble or the breakdown of the parts is exclusively up to the manufacturing company. All in all, our company can offer you assured products. Our detailed after-sales services are to be as the following terms.

2nd,Usually,our manual and guidance videos can give you a brief view how to install, connect, test, set, maintain.

3rd, Freely contact your sales manager by email, calling, or online message APP if you cannot find the solution as any problems happen. Your request is surely to get feedback within 24hours(usually, within 2 hours if your request is sent during our on-duty time).

4th, Our oversea face-to-face installing and training services are available if you need, and agree our engineer & technician site services terms as following:

1.CERPACK 's oversea engineer should take airline to go to the user's plant in the agreed date by our two party.

2.The user's should pay for the charges & fee of travel ( air ticket and Visa )& accommodation, and technicians & engineers.

3.Training: we've design the most suitable training program for our different customers based on their specific requirements.

5th,Spare parts changing:

1.within one year,  free spare parts  while you pay the freight or express charges;

2. beyond one year: spare parts at our basic cost while you pay the freight or express charges.

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