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Sugar Bag Packing Machine

The sugar pouch packing machine, or similar machine is Widely used to package the granule product or loose dry powder, such as instant milk powder, instant coffee powder, 3in1 coffee powder, oatmeal, white sugar, washing powder, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence seasoning, seasoning granule & powder, etc...

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Product Details

Sugar Bag Packing Machine

Product Specification

Driven Type Pneumatic

Automatic Grade Automatic

Material Stainless Steel

Voltage 220 V

Capaticy 500gram

Bag size Max bag length up to 200mm, Max width up to 150mm 

Product Description

We are offering Sugar Packing Machine to our client.

Other Details:

Servo control/Mechanical paper pulling filling /PLC controlled.

Film to be used- Heat sealable laminated film

Product Image

Sugar packing machine-volumetric cup filler


volumetic cup filler packing machine can package these product

Finished bag sample: 

Sample bag by volumetric cup filler packing machine

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