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Sugar Sachet Packing Machine

The sachet packing machine with the volumetric cups is suitable to Package the dry and loose Granule foodstuff and chemicals, such as chili powder, spice, piper powder, sugar, tea powder, seeds, seasoning powder, fruit juice powder, cereal, oat meal, instant coffee, instant drink mix, soup mix, desiccant, detergent powder, condiments, etc...

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Product Details

Sugar Sachet Packing Machine

Product Specification

Machine Type:multifunction automatic vertical packaging machine

Machine Capacity:50 to 60 Pouches/Min

Automatic Grade:Automatic

Voltage&power: 220V,2.0KW


Minimum Order Quantity:1 Piece

Package sealing type: three side sealing, four side sealing

Cutting type: straight line cutting, zigzag cutting, min zigzag cutting(close to straight line cutting), chain bag cutting,etc

three side sachet packing machine with zigzag cutting

Product Description

Semi-Pneumatic Granule Packaging Machine ls proof packing of granular substances. These machines are in demand in food processing units, pharmaceutical units and various other industries for the packing the granular items such as snacks, peanuts, leafs of tea and various other goods. Our packing machine is well known for its attributes like the ease in cleaning, easy to operate, increase in productivity, simple construction, low power consumption, and faultless functioning. This m/c is available in the filling capacity of the range varying between 5gm and 1kg. 


Sealing Type: Fin Seal

Filling Type: Weigh Filler/ Cup Filler

Packaging Materials: Any Heat Sealable packing materials.

Main parameters of the sachet filling and packing machine



Dosing   range

5- 100ml (unadjustable cups for 5ml or less)

Filling  device

Volumetric cup

Packaging  Speed

2000-3000 bags per hour

Bag   type

Three side sachet, or four side sachet

Cutter   type

General plain cutter

or zigzag cutting 

Bag   size

Length  20-140mm Width 15-110mm

Film   Width

Max 220mm


PLC + English interface(touch screen type HMI)

Voltage & Power

1Phase,50Hz ,AC 220V/2.0KW

Shipping Dimension


Gross Weight


Sample bags:

sample sachet by small vffs machine

Our plant and our certifications:

Automatic packing machine  how to make at CERPACK

our plant where your vertical packaging machine is made

automatic vertical packaging machine's Certificates_副本

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