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Sugar Stick Packing Machine

The stick packaging machine is Mainly designed to Package the dry and loose Granule foodstuff and chemicals, such as chili powder, spice, piper powder, sugar, tea powder, seeds, seasoning powder, fruit juice powder, cereal, oat meal, instant coffee, 3in1 coffee, instant milk powder, instant drink mix, soup mix, desiccant, detergent powder, condiments, etc...

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Product Details

Sugar Stick Packing Machine

CP240BK automatic granule stick packaging machines are mostly designed for sugar stick packaging,coffee stick packaging.

Packing speed up to 40-60 bags per minute.

Support Chinese and English panel,single phase electric,data printer,50-110mic laminated film.

Small overall size,steady working status ,easy to operate and no need install when you get the machine.

Structure and Function 

1.Simple,stable and easy to operate and maintain.

2.Controlled by PLC and touch screen.

3.intelligent photocell tracking system for precise bag length and position of film.

4.Automatically finish making bags, filling, measuring, counting and finished products conveying.

5.Mainly package granule products, such as instant milk powder, 3in1 coffee powder, sugar, rice, drink powder, etc.

6. Optional the stick sugar packaging machine can supply: former vibrator, rotary cutter (round corner cutter, plain cutter),easy tear notch cutter.

Some sample special shape stick by our machine:


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