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Washing Powder Packing Machine

The detergent powder packaging machine, or similar packing machine with the two or four head weigher is widely suitable to weigh and package the granule product, such as rice, seeds, oat, sugar , detergent powder, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence seasoning, seasoning granule & powder, etc...

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Product Details

Washing Powder Packing Machine


Full automatic servo motor controlled 4 heads weigher packing machine

1.Make mix different products weighing at one discharge.

2.High precise digital weighing sensor and AD module have been developed. 

3.Touch screen is adopted. Multi-language operation system can be selected basing on customer’s requests.

4.Material collecting system with function of unqualified product remove, two direction discharge, counting, restore default setting.

5.Multi grade vibrating feeder is adopted to get the best performance of speed and accuracy.

washing powder packing machine

It is suitable for weighing small grain, powder such as cereal sugar, glutamate, salt, rice, sesame, milk powder, coffee, seasoning powder etc.

Main vertical packaging machine's details_副本

4 Heads Linear Weigher Packing Machine 

four head linear weigher


A: Frequency control. The machine with frequency control, the required speed can be adjustable within the range according to any needs of reality in productoin.

B: Easy to operate. The machine with man-machine interface with touch screen sontrol system, it can be operated easily.

C: Automatic detection. No pouch or pouch is not opened completely, no feeding, no sealing, pouch can be reused, avoiding wasting materials, it can reduce production costs for user.

D: Safety devices. When the abnormal pressure of work or failure of heating pipe, it will alarm.

The main technical parameters of the detergent packaging machine



Bag sizeMax. Length 40cm, max.width 25cm, max. film width 52cm
Bag volumeMax. 8liters 
Bag stylespillow bag, gusset bag, chain bag,
Bag with top hang hole( hole quantity can be 1, 2 or 3; hole shape
can be euro round, butterfly, U shape, etc)

Single weighing range




Hopper Volume(ml)


Max.weighing Speed


Preset program QTV


Sample bags:

detergent powder bag by vffs machine

Transport package and Shipment: 

packaging and shipping

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