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Weighing Packing Machine

The automatic weighing and packing machine is suitable to packaging the high-accuracy and fragile granule, such as puffy food, crispy rice, Potato Chips, Snacks, candy, pistachio,small biscuit, sugar, apple slices, dumpling, chocolate, pet food, small wares etc...

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Weighing Packing Machine

Automatic Food Vertical Form Fill Seal Packing Machine

It' s suitable for  Candy, melon seeds, potato chips, pistachios, peanuts, jelly, frozen dumplings, biscuits, chocolate, nuts, pet food, puffed food, hardware, plastic and other granular, sheet, strip, irregular shape Quantitative weighing of materials.

Sample bags by vffs machine with multihead weigher

Machine description:

* Machine design advanced, reasonable structure, adjust the operation, maintenance is very convenient;

* Servo transport membrane system positioning standards; timing belt transport membrane, stable and reliable;

* Automatic correction function, save time and film, improve the reliability and intelligence of the whole degree

* With a variety of automatic alarm protection, minimizing losses;

* This machine and the metering device matching, automatic completion of product metering, feeding, filling bag, print date, inflation (exhaust), the whole process of product output.

* Chinese-English touch screen display, easy operation.

* Mitsubishi PLC control system insure steady working conditions, and available to adjust any parameter without stoping the machine.

* Can save 10 sets parameter in store, easy to change.

* Independent PID temperature Metre system to set and control horizontal / Longitudinal temperature, to ensure a good fit of virous kinds of complex film, PE film.

* Automatic alarm protect system, including fault message display to save the waste into minimum limited.

 * Bag form: pillow bags, pillow bag with top holes, chain bag,etc

Main vertical packaging machine's details_副本

The whole automation production system:

 weigher filler packaging machine for food


Model and Name 

Chip / Popcorn / Snack Packing Machine with Multihead Weigher

Max. Cap.


Weighing Accuracy(g)


Max. Weighing Speed


Hopper Volume

1600 ml

Control Panel

7"LCD  Touch Screen

Options for the weigher

Dimple Plate/Timing Hopper/Printer/Rotary   Top Cone

Bag size

Max. L 40cm *  W 25cm

Bag volume

Max. 6000 ml

Film width 


Options for the vffs machine

Double servo machine,

Nitrogen charging device(including flusing switch),

Gusset device(including gusset function switch)

Tranport package:

packaging and shipping

About CER Packing Machinery:

automatic vertical packaging machine's Certificates_副本

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