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Analysis of the knowledge of multihead weigher/part one
- Jan 28, 2019 -

Analysis of the knowledge of multihead weigher/Part one

multihead weigher for haredware

1.Why can sequential cutting function completely solve the problem of blocking the discharge port?

In the past, each combination bucket of the multihead weighere was opened together. If the material volume is large or the weighing specifications are large, such as walnut, jelly, etc., the single package specifications exceeding 300-500 grams will accumulate at the lower outlet, resulting in blockage. The sequential cutting function developed by Kenwei multihead weigher can discharge each combination bucket at a certain interval of time through setting, such as setting 0.01, then weighing each time. The weight of each combo is 0.01 seconds apart from each other.

2.What is the function of aggregate hopper processing system of Kenwei multihead weigher?

In the past, if the agent buys the multihead weigher but does not have a hopper, and after a period of time the user wants to configure the hopper, the result is not only to re-open the hole in the multihead weigher base, but also to add welding IC and wiring on the main board, which may not only affect the original state of the multihead weigher, but also requires the agent to send the machine back to the manufacturer or the manufacturer to send someone to the site to solve the problem, both delay time and very troublesome;Now Kenwei has reserved the hopper interface of two vertical packaging machines for the combination scales purchased by customers, which is extremely convenient for users.The hopper can be set into four states: unilateral pull rod open, bilateral pull rod apart, bilateral pull rod open at the same time, and bilateral pull rod open all the time without closing; A specific explanation is: if a combination of scales under the connection of a vertical packaging machine, it can be configured with a single side pull rod open or double side pull rod open hopper; If two packaging machines are connected below, a hopper with two side tie bars spaced apart can be configured. If you want to realize that one side of the sorting mechanism is connected with the vertical packaging machine, and the other side is directly discharged to display unqualified products, you can also realize by configuring bilateral spacing hopper.

3.What is the function of the super computer connection function of  Kenwei multihead weigher?

In the past, customers purchased a multihead weigher equipped with printers, and the production statistics can only be printed by the printer on the multihead weigher; it wastes paper and is not conducive to management. Now Kenwei Company directly generates spreadsheet statistics production data in the office computer by connecting the printer with the office computer, which makes maintenance more convenient.

4.Why can Kenwei multihead weigher ensure product stability for a long time?

first, very detailed workmanship requirements; second, Kenwei's strict control of parts and components; third, Kenwei has developed a set of product testing aging system and strict implementation; the most critical is that Kenwei vigorously upgraded the technical development force. So that the company's products from the overall performance, component quality or workmanship requirements, the overall quality of employees have been improved qualitatively, it is from the above multi-faceted checks to ensure that the long-term operation of products to maintain a better accuracy and stability.

5.What are the main functions of Kenwei multihead weigher?

Kenwei has the functions that customers pay more attention to, such as successively blanking, collecting hopper and sorting processing system. Equipped with a single screen three languages can display and conversion, computer connection, rotary main vibration machine more convenient material flow, freely set the motor door Angle adjustment speed to prevent card material and other advanced technology functions; In addition, it also has high precision digital weighing sensor, IP65 waterproof and dustproof design, automatic production statistics, super fault self-diagnosis and other main functions.

6.Why are multihead weigher particularly popular with food manufacturers?

Compare-multihead weigher and volumetric cup

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