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- Jul 12, 2018 -

VFFS General main features:


1, product packaging, printing date is completed once. Save time and save cost.


2, optimized structure design, Easy disassemble and installationcleaning.


3, independent temperature control with horizontal and vertical sealing, better adapt to all kinds of packaging materials that are made by VFFS Packaging machine;


4.the opening and closing mode of metering device can be refitted according to the material.

CERPACK VFFS machine unique features and advantages


1, comprehensive intelligent design, the whole set is linkage control,no packing without material, max avoiding unnecessary waste of material and energy .


2, using imported servo motor double synchronous belt pull film, the cylinder control belt tension, stable performance, with advanced automatic film rectifying deviation function , automatic alarm protection function, minimize loss.


3, can be matched with the metering device, set bag making, filling, filling, printing, counting in one. Save cost and save time.