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Automatic Granule/Beans/Salt/Grain Powder Vertical Form Fill Seal Packing Machine
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Automatic Granule/Beans/Salt/Grain Powder Vertical Form Fill Seal Packing Machine

Basic Info

Model NO.: CP398

Material Type: Grain
Packaging: Pouch
Packaging Material: Plastic
Speed: 45PCS/Min
Power Supply: 2000W 220V/380V
Weight: 320kg
Material: Ss304 Food Grade
Photoelectric: Yes
Temperature: Automatic Thermostat
Application Range: Food,Medicine,Chemical
Packing Material: Paper/Polythene, Cellophane/Polythene,etc
Export Markets: Global
Specification: CE, GSG

HS Code: 8422400000

automatic food packing machine  398 form-fill-seal machine

Product Description

Large Vertical Granule Packing Machine with Four Side Sealing Pouch

Performance and characteristic:

Granule Vertical Packing Machine are suitable for automatic packaging of non-sticky, bulk or granular medicines, food stuffs and seeds, such as granulated juice, coffee, salt, sugar, melon seeds, rice, oatmeal, fragile food, loose tea leaf, monosodium glutamate, desiccant, washing powder etc. The measuring system adopts volume cup, which is used to adjust material content during operation of the machine. Intelligent temperature controller, equipped with reliable photo electricity detecting system. All the work of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, heat-printing codes can be done automatically. The spare parts contacting objects and the surface of the machine adopt stainless steel, which are easily washable.

1. Film Frame
2. Mixed rang: Mixed rang consists of shaper, strut lever, rapper.
3. Upper sealing:
Upper sealing consists of actuating cylinder, supporting, heater, more.
4. Traction:
Traction consists of traction motor; Pull down wheel, photoelectric encoder, braced frame.
5. Lower sealing
Lower sealing parting consists of pushing cylinder rushing board, guide bar, heat sealing copper block, parting cut cylinder paring cut knife.
6. Metering filling
Metering filling Consisting of charging basket, buffeting dispense feeder, photo switch, upper charging tray, jigger, lower charging tray, charging bar, safety loop, clutch gear, actuating motor, transmission gear, message cam, proximity switch.

  Model  CP398
  Packing cappacity(g)100-1000
  Size of bag(mm)  L/W100-300/100-200
  Dimension(mm) L/W/H1000/860/2000