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Case study:quantitative weighing packaging system for candy enterprises
- Jan 30, 2019 -

Case stdy: Quantitative weighing packaging system for candy enterprises

Multi-Function Food Packing Machine with PLC Control

According to the sample and demand of the candy from a large foreign candy manufacturer, it's a dry, granular, 5-8g, and the client requires an average level of less than 1.5 g; Basically, it can be considered that this product is very suitable for the weighing and packaging requirements of multi-head computer combination scale.Design scheme of quantitative weighing packaging system:Water-proof type 10 or 14 multihead weigher,Z conveyor( with vibrator feeder),working platform vertical packaging machine ,finished product conveyor and check weigher.

Below is about principle of system operation:

Multi-head combination weigher: Water-proof type 10 or 14 computer combination weigher can be selected.With a high-precision digital weighing sensor, it has a maximum velocity of 130 packs, the average accuracy is less than or equal to 0.5g and it's extremely cost-effective. Large number of countries such as Europe, south-east Asia, America, etc.

Z conveyor:It adopt 304 # stainless steel body and conveying chain, food grade plastic PP skip (alternatively, carbon steel material body and conveying chain are surface sprayed and plasticized), easy to clean and easy to install.

Vertical packaging machine:Pack the material which is weighed by the combination scale. In general, two packing machines are connected, one is to put the bag seal machine and put the prefinished packing bag in the machine, the machine will lift and open the packing bag automatically, put the called good material into the bag and seal it, and its speed is less than 35 bags/minute. The other is the vertical bag-making and sealing machine, which adopts the automatic bag-making with film winding, and then puts in materials and seals. The speed can reach 60 packages/min. The advantage of this kind of machine is that it can reduce the cost of precast bag and has been widely used at home and abroad.

Finished product conveyor :the machine is for transporting the finished products to the check machine and packaging platform.It is generally made of 304# stainless steel or painted steel (plastic-sprayed on the surface).

Check weigher :When the packaged finished products pass through this machine, the unqualified products (weight difference) will be discharged to ensure that the factory products are 100% qualified, the accuracy is plus or minus 0.5 grams, the speed is up to 60 packets/minute, can meet the requirements of the user factory.

The system accuracy is ≤±0.8g, the system speed is 35-70 packs/min, and the operating voltage is 220V/50-60hz. New system can save 20 ~ 40 labor costs per year for candy manufacturing enterprises; and  can save 15-25 tons of candy materials every year (according to two shifts of 16 hours a day and 300 days a year for packaging).

Guangzhou CER Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd. can provide a full set of quantitative weight packaging systems for users, and it's a good way to solve the problem of the user's cleanliness, precision, and packaging speed in the packaging, which is the best option for the production of the food industry to be efficient and efficient.