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Chinese herbal medicine packaging machine brings new impact to pharmaceutical industry
- Apr 08, 2018 -
Chinese herbal medicine packaging machine is a widely used packaging machine in pharmaceutical industry. Our memory of traditional Chinese medicine packaging is generally artificial weighing, and then use paper packaging, this packaging method in some old Chinese medicine private yiguang has been continued, but the progress of the society, these traditional Chinese medicine packaging hair has been unable to adapt to the mass production, so just now the traditional Chinese medicine yinpian packaging machine.
The emergence of Chinese herbal medicine packaging machine to solve the production efficiency problem of the pharmaceutical industry, if some pharmaceutical manufacturers want to supply to the hospital, just rely on traditional manual weighing packaging, is really a big project, Chinese herbal medicine packaging machine only need to put the material to be packaged into the feed, through the transport belt and then through the optical drive to calculate the tablet weight directly packaging, save time and effort and worry. At present, China's pharmaceutical industry, especially the traditional Chinese medicine packaging industry is undergoing a reform, the original model can no longer be applied to the current society, the Chinese medicine yinpian packaging machine appears at the right moment.