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Comparison: multihead weigher and traditional quantitative packing scale
- Feb 02, 2019 -

Comparison: computer multihead weigher Vs. traditional quantitative automatic packing scale 

Why computer multihead weigher will completely replace the quantitative packaging scale totally?

With the rapid development of modern industry, packaging industry in packaging accuracy, packaging speed, packaging range and other aspects of higher requirements, the traditional quantitative automatic packaging scale has been difficult to meet these requirements, and computer multihead weigher is developed under this situation, the difference between it and the traditional quantitative automatic packaging scale are the following :

First,difference in weighing accuracy caused by different weighing principles.

a. different weighing principles

Quantitive auto packaging scale weigh the products meanwhile put the material in it until it reach the final weighing value preset.But  there are different size and weight of the products.When the products is big size or heavy weight,the weight value will be error.

Combination scale also named multihead weigher,it is consist with many independent hopper which is dumping and outputting.There are 8 to 32 weighing units in a multihead weigher. The computer select several ones whose weight is the same as the weight preset.These units are selected random.If the multihead weigher has 10 head,there is total 1023 solution to weigh the material,that means,1023 kinds of weight can be choose.Computer choose one of them. The one’s weight is same as the weight we want.

That is the right invention, combination scale

b.weighing data varity

The vibration to the loadcell will effect the weighing result as error.But multihead weigher supply material via feed bucket not loadcell,so the final weighing result will be more accuracy.

c.quantitive packaging machine has another disadvantage.That is dropping weight will effect the weighing result.So there will be a error.Combination scales don’t have such problem.

This error is obvious in the Quantitative automatic packing scale.

2.Weighing speed difference

Combination scale packaging speed is 6 times as the speed of tranditional quantitive packaging scale.

3. material weighed scope

As the same accuracy, material scope processed by combination scale is much wider that that of quantitive scale.

In the same accuracy,multihead wheigher weghing scope will be much wide than Quantitative automatic packing scale’s.The weight scope Quantitative automatic packing scale  can weigh is around the 4 times of it.but it can be 10 times that of multihead weigher. 

To keep the same accury,Quantitative automatic packing scale need to shorten the weighing scope with many of it ,it can do that .Multihead weigher can resolve it easily.

Although the combination scale is very competitive, it is mainly imported from other country.Its high price block its purchase in China and the rest of the world.