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Doypack Granule Packing Machine
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Doypack Granule Packing Machine

premade pouch pick open fill seal machine_副本.png

It is an automatic pre-formed doypack pick open fill and seal machine. 

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: CP240-WL

  • Application: Cleaning, Detergent, Cosmetics, Drinks, Skin Care Products, Dairy Products, Hair Care Products, Oil, Multiple

  • Packing material: Pre-formed bag, pre-made pouch

  • Driven Type: Mechanical

  • Packaging: Pouch

  • Pouch Shape: Stand up, Flat, Zip-Lock, Spout Pouch

  • Pouch Height: 130mm- 350mm

  • Origin: China

  • Automatic Grade: Automatic

  • Type: premade pouch picking-up opening Filling Sealing Machine

  • Pouch Width: 100mm-280mm

  • Work station quantity: one

  • Speed: 240-900 pouches per hour

  • Specification: CE, ISO, GMP

  • HS Code: 8422303090

Structure of the min premade bag pick open fill seal machine.jpg

Product Description

the min premade pouch pick open fill seal machine can automatically fill powders, granules, liquids or pasty products, offering a variety of fillers to suit each specific product.
The pack presentation and shape can also be chosen from the wide range of available possibilities, doypack pouches, shaped pouches, zip-lock features, cap fitments to facilitate product dispensing, built in straw for soft drinks etc.
This model is a horizontal form fill seal machine, installed with multi-head weigher. It is applicable for free flowing granule such as salt, sugar, seed, grain, peanuts, coffee, rice, desiccant, sweets, beans, peanuts, biscuit, nuts, tea, dumplings, gourmet, potato chips etc.

Sample by the doypack premade bag packing machine_副本.jpg

Working process of the preformed pouch packaging machine

working process of the pre-made pouch packing machine_副本.jpg

Details of the premade pouch pick open fill and sealing packaging machine

Details of the min preformed pouch pick open fill seal packing machine.jpg

Pouch width100mm-280mm
Pouch Height130mm- 350mm
Pouch Type

zipper standup pouch, standup, resealable, performed, flat bottom, 

3 side seal pouch, zipper pouch, zip-lock pouch, top zip pouch, 

heat seal pouch, Kraft window-open paper pouch, PE/Soft Pouch 

Speed4-15 sachets/minute
Air Consumption250L/Min, 0.8Mpa, dry oil and free clean
Voltage220V, 1Phase, 50Hz, 1Kw
Size (L x W x H)1670mmx 844mm x 1617mm

Optional dosing head for granule/solid product:

  1. Volumetric cups filler;

  2. One head liner weigher; two head liner weigher; or four head liner weigher;

    Mini Doypack packaging machine with four head weigher.jpg

  3. Multihead weigher.

       Doy pack packaging machine with multihead weigher filler_副本.jpg