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Economic Doypack Packing Machine for Seasoning Powder, Herbal Product, Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine
- Dec 25, 2018 -

Economic Doypack Packing Machine for Powder

It is a simplified version pouch machine for various pre-made bags such as pillow bags, gusset bags, zipper bags etc. As a cost saving solution, it is idea for a lot of application such as coffee, frozen foods, cookies, cereals, nuts, flower, candy etc. It can also be interfaced with other equipments for use with turnkey lines.

General view of the machine as following: 

Model NO.: CP240-MDP300D-WL

Material Type:  Powder, also can work with different dosing heads for Granule, Liquid or Paste

Pre-made pouch type: standup, resealable, performed, flat bottom, 3 side seal pouch, 

zipper pouch, zip-lock pouch, top zip pouch, heat seal pouch, Kraft window-open paper pouch, PE/Soft Pouch

Packaging Material: Film

Pre-made pouch size: Length 130-350mm, Width 130-280mm

Packing speed: 480-900 pouches per hour
Filling Capacity: Can Be Adjusted
Transport Package: Exported Wooden Carton
Specification: CE certification
Origin: China

HS Code: 84224000

Product Description

Doypack picking-up, opening, filling, sealing Packing Machine For Seasoning Powder, Herbal Product, Pharmaceutical
Premade pouch powder packaging machine

Product Application

Structure of the min premade bag pick open fill seal machine


Sample by the doypack premade bag packing machine_副本

Main Features

1.New generation sanitary design & build

2.Easy clean and avoid trash accumulated.

3.Compact footprint & Low Maintenance 

4.Compact single station, pneumatic system used for safety running & low maintenance.

5.Auto Operation Control

6.From pouch pick up- open - fill - seal to output which is controlled by PLC

7.7" User's friendly H.M.I. ensures high efficiency performance.

8.Easy to Adjust & Operate

9.Depending on product condition and pouch type, main menu settings can be set on the screen, multiple pouch type can run on the same machine by suction position adjusting. 

10.No Pouch, No Dump

11.Auto pouch detecting sensor, no pouch no dump ensure material splash down.

12.Automatic breakdown detection and solution is displayed on the screen clearly.

13.Various option functions are available as per request, such as auto zip-lock open device/Hot Stamp Printer/ Hopper Shaker/ Product Settler. 

14.PLC Control, Touch Screen, Temperature Control, Automatically Pneumatic Components, Gas Processor, Alarm.

15.Building Material of mini doypack, the frame is made of 304SUS and anodized aluminum profiles

16.Interlock Safety, CE Application - auto stop when the door is open.

working process of the pre-made pouch packing machine_副本