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Function of powder packaging machine
- Apr 08, 2018 -
Powder packaging machine and our daily life has a close relationship; When you're sleepy at work because you stay up late at night watching football matches, it's best to refresh yourself with a cup of coffee. When you want to start cleaning clothes on the weekend, open a bag of washing powder, can make clothes clean as new, also let you have a good mood all day; And these are all powder packaging machine.
Powder packaging machine, fighter plane in the packaging machine, suitable for powder packaging of medicines, milk tea, milk powder, seasoning, etc., automatic metering, bag clamping, filling, sealing, sewing, conveying and other work of powder granular materials which are easy to flow or poor in fluidity, high in accuracy, strong in reliability and not easy to wear and tear. The pow packaging machine is control by a microcomputer, is processed and set by a computer with slight induction signal, can complete that synchronization of the whole machine, has the advantages of long bag, position, automatic cursor detection, automatic fault diagnosis, display and screen display. Its functions: belt collection, material measurement, filling, sealing, inflation, coding, feeding, limited downtime, fixed package cutting and a series of actions are automatically completed.