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General overview of liquid packaging machines
- Apr 08, 2018 -
Liquid packaging machine is specially used for packaging liquid, such as bagged honey, bagged shampoo, bagged shower gel, tomato sauce, instant noodle seasoning and other materials. We often see all kinds of bags of liquid in life, such as tomato sauce when eating French fries, when we eat instant noodles all kinds of oil bags, go out to the hotel will use bags of shampoo, shower gel, etc., but what are these liquids to package? The answer is a liquid packaging machine.
Liquid packaging machine using 0.08 mm polyethylene film, its forming, bag making, quantitative filling, ink printing, sealing cut off all automatic process, such as film before packaging for ultraviolet disinfection, conform to the requirements of food hygiene. Liquid packaging machine is made of stainless steel, high balancing tank or self-priming pump quantitative filling, direct heat sealing cutting, bag size, packaging weight, sealing and cutting temperature adjustment is convenient and reliable, production date ribbon printing, edge sealing, back sealing, photoelectric tracking. Is the best choice for packaging liquid enterprises.
At present, the scope of liquid packaging machine is extending more and more widely. in the future, we will be able to see it in more fields.