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Granule Packing Machine for Peanut/ Molasses Tobacco with Good Quality
- Nov 08, 2018 -

Granule Packing Machine for Peanut/ Molasses Tobacco with Good Quality 

Basic Info

Model NO.: CP320
Material Type: Grain
Packaging: Bag
Packaging Material: Composite Materials
Bag Type: Pillow Bag,Stand Pouch,3 or 4 Side Seal B
Material Quality: 304 Stainless
Packing Speed: 35-70 Bags/Min
Film Width: 120-320mm
Bag Length: 50-200mm
Bag Width: 50-150mm
Trademark: CERPACK, or also Your logo.
Transport Package: Export Wooden Case
Specification: (L)970x(W)825x(H)2020mm
Origin: China

HS Code: 8422309090

candy packaging machine-weigher and vffs machine two in one system

Product Description

Granule Packing Machine for Peanut/ Molasses Tobacco with Good Quality

1. CP320/420/520/730 Vertical Gusset Bag Granule packing machinery is our company introduction of foreign advanced technology, and is improved and the production of a kind of high quality,high performance automatic packaging machine, complete automatic feeding,measuring,bag-making,deviation,filling,sealing,date printing and finished product output and a series of automatic functions.

2.The machine adopts high precision servo film transport system, PLC program control, developed touchable human-machine interface of advanced automatic positioning, photoelectric tracking,digital temperature control,etc.

3.Operation is more simple,perfect.It is the first choice of food packaging industry to improve the production efficiency,reduce labor intensity, improve the grade of packaging equipment.

4.Packaging material can be PE/polyethylene,PE/aluminum plating, pet/PE, pp,and other heat-sealing packaging materials, etc.

5.It completes the whole procedure of filling,measuring,bagging,date printing,charging(exhausting),product out-putting automatically.
6.High precision, high efficiency without crash the materials.

 The Features Of Granule Packing Machine for Peanut/ Molasses Tobacco with Good Quality:

  1. Chinese & English touch screen display, intuitive and simple operation.

  2. PLC computer control system,the operation is more stable,no need stop and adjust any parameters.

  3. It completes the whole procedure of filling,measuring,bagging,date printing,charging(exhausting),produt out-putting automatically.

  4. The volumetric cups can be make to open-close model measure equipment.

  5. Transverse and longitudinal sealing temperature control independently,suitable for all kinds of composite film, PE film packaging materials,etc.

Vertical pouch packaging machine manufacturing process

Packing Of Granule Packing Machine for Peanut/ Molasses Tobacco with Good Quality:

Kindly Reminder:
We take great pride in our work and in the wide variety of products that we offer.For offer the right model machine, please tell the following product's info. Thank you in advance.

Transport Packaging:
We use the wooden case to pack our packing machine
Upon receipt of payment , delivery date will be in 10-35days, By Air, by Sea or by Express (DHL etc) Shipment cost will depend on the destination, shipment way and the weight of the goods

Our Organization
The manufacturing plant and facilities, designed with modern criteria complying with CE directives, and the advanced process technology based on an economy of scale production, place CERPACK among China producers for the top quality of products as well as for the quantity and variety of solutions proposed and sold. 
Research and Development Department is equipped with advanced tools and disposes of a qualified team of informatics, electronics and packaging experts involved in the study and experimentation of new solutions, indispensable for new projects and for the improvement of standard equipment.
 automatic vertical packaging machine's Certificates_副本

Our Mission
Our aim is the complete customer's satisfaction, through research and trials of new automated packaging systems and technical solutions.
Our Objective
Designing and building automatic packaging machines technologically advanced, durable and reliable, interfaced with modular composed automatic feeders, easy to be integrated into automated packaging systems.
Our Sales and Service Network
Entrusted to Certified Agents of proven professional competence and expertise, employing Record trained service engineers, stocking a suitable inventory of original spare parts for immediate delivery.

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