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How to buy new VFFS packing machine
- Jun 01, 2018 -

How to buy new VFFS packing machine?

By Mr. Ray LEE, on June 1, 2018

A  general guidance step by step for you how to buy a new vertical  FFS packing machine.

1.      Two basic aim for you to buy a new vertical form fill seal packing machine:

a.       to improve the production efficiency & enhance the productivity by adding new vertical form fill seal machine, or upgrading the manual packaging work model to automatic packaging machine model;

b.      to reduce the production costs by changing the manual packaging work model to automatic packaging machine model to reduce labor cost, or by an upgraded vffs packaging machine to rise up the packing speed, or new lower cost material packing film to reduce the packing material costs, etc   

2.     Your current workflow in your factory

a.       Manual packing model, or Automatic packing model by automatic packaging machine; 

And any improved or upgraded space? 

b.      The gap between the current output under the currenct workflow, and your expected productivity;

c.       Unit finished bag cost.

3.      How to deal with the disadvantage and problem the current workflow

1stly, consider if you can increase the outputting, or reduce the cost without new machine.

  2ndly, your expected improved space by the new vffs bagging machine, and what the new vffs bagging machines can accomplish. In other word,  how many bags per minute the new form fill seal packaging machine should supply?

4.      Talk to some professional suppliers of the VFFS packing machine

Basically, you should learn the general working principle of the VFFS packaging machines. The vertical form fill and seal machines(also named as vffs packaging machine, or vffs bagging machine ) Widely suitable to package many different products, such as Granule, Liquid & Powder with the different dosing head , and c201805041718278542425.gifan automatically finish the whole bagging packing processing, including basic bag forming, product measuring & filling, bag sealing, and so on. Many of the new customers are very happy to get a general view that the automatic vertical packaging machine can work for many different kinds of their products, and many different sizes/weights of their packages.

Also, some basic information you should get by this study, or consulting;

a.       How many bags per hour the automatic packaging machine can run;

b.      Accuracy their vertical packaging machine supply; 

Usually, the automatic vertical packaging machine can supply much better accuracy compared with that requested as the measures for the Supervision and Management of Quantitative Packaging Commodities.

c.      Dimension layout of their recommended automatic packing machines.

5.   The space you plan for the new vffs packing machine at your plant

a.       To check how much plant space the new VFFS machine ask, and where it will be located & how it will be accessed(powere source, and air source);

b.      Also, some small details from ergonomics need to the new automatic VFFS packaging machine. For example,  how and where workers will come in contact with the vffs machines to minimize any issues over time; and the reasonable space for your operators to bring materials in, package them and take them out.

All these small details can make sure the new automatic vertical packaging machine will be run in the right way.

c.       Kindly remind that placing too much equipment in a too small space can impose serious risk and liability on the business. Work floor planning should be an important part  for any new automatic vertical packaging machine equipment purchasing plan.

6.      Sum up the offer of the automatic vertical form fill seal packing machines to get the estimated budget

7.      Choose the potential suppliers of the new VFFS packing machines, and talk to them to lock all the terms

  Especially, make sure you can see and get a reliable communicating channel for the after-sales support, including spare part support, and technical support.


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