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How to maintain the vertical packing machine daily
- Jun 15, 2018 -

How to maintain  the vertical packing machine daily?

Vertical packaging machines such as snack packaging machine, Namkin packing machine,  potato chips packing machine, etc,  are mostly packaged in small snack foods, and similar granule food.

The vertical packing machines have been used widely as automatic packaging machinery nearly in all the different industry fields. Both the development and progress of the food market brings a broader market for automatic packing machine. However, there are still many users who have no acknowledge enough for the packaging machines so the knowledge about the maintenance of the packaging machine is very rare. In fact, the overall vertical packaging machine. The usual maintenance mainly includes three parts:  the electrical part, the mechanical part,and the mechanical lubrication.


Part one: the maintenance of the electrical part of the vertical packing machine:

1. the operator of VFFS should check the loose ends of the joints regularly before starting.

2. dust and other small particles may also affect a part of function of the packaging machine, photoelectric switch, Proximity switch probe is easy to cause fault action when the probe is dusty, so it should be checked and cleaned regularly.

Part two: the maintenance of the mechanical part of the vertical packing machine

1. the detail part is also the key point of mechanical cleaning. For example, regularly use soft gauze to dip alcohol to clean the surface of the electric slip ring and remove the carbon powder on the surface.

2. There are some parts of the vertical packing machine such as snacks packing machine that can not be changed at will. The non professional personnel may not open the electrical part. The parameters or programs of the frequency converter, microcomputer and other control elements have been set well, and the random changes will cause the system disorder machinery to work normally.


Part three: the lubrication of the vertical packing machine such as weigher filler packing machine

1. rolling bearing is a serious wear place in machinery, so the rolling bearings should be filled with butter gun once every two months.

2. different types of lubricants are different, such as the axle sleeve on the roller of the packaging film, and the front chain wheel of the conveyor should be injected with 40# mechanical oil at the right time.

3. chain lubrication is the most common and relatively simple, chain sprockets should be dripped timely with mechanical oil viscosity greater than 40#.