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How to pack melon seeds quickly by particle packing machine
- Apr 08, 2018 -
Particle packing machine is a good helper for packing melon seeds. At the time of watching a movie or house at home have nothing to do, everyone likes to buy some snacks, and melon seeds is an essential snack choice, when open the package, melon seeds fragrance, you can't wait to come to a few? As we all know, melon seeds if there is no good seal will be affected with damp be affected with damp be affected with damp, after the tide will not crisp and delicious, so what makes melon seeds to maintain this unique taste? Let's have a look at the particle packing machine.
Particle packaging machine is a fully automatic packaging machine, when pour melon seeds into the material, through the transport belt transport to 10 electronic scales, convenient program setting mode, photoelectric tracking color code, can quickly change the bag-making device, a pack of complete bagged melon seeds came out, also can be customized according to customer demand high-speed machine, up to 80 packs / min ( double servo ) / 120 packs / min ( three servo ), looking at is not very simple?
In fact, particle packaging machine is not only so fast and efficient in packaging melon seeds, in other granular, sheet material packaging is also excellent.