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One of the troubleshooting methods of automatic nut packing machine
- Apr 08, 2018 -
The full-automatic nut packing machine abandons the traditional manual packing of nuts and is more efficient and sanitary. When I was a child at the feast at home is willing to go to the supermarket to buy some nuts, buy snacks to our solution greedy, at that time or in bulk, put for a long time will tide, although the taste is affected, but the in the mind is alacrity. Now there is a fully automatic nut packaging machine, can eat crispy nuts, leisure time is also a kind of enjoyment.
Full - automatic nut packaging machine, although convenient for food industry chain production and processing, gives people more opportunities to eat. But as a kind of mechanical equipment in use process often also can " make mood" strike, such as sensor is often damaged, dried fruit packaging machine electromagnet also love failure, etc. The following are three common failures of dry fruit packaging machines and their specific solutions.
Three common situations in fully automatic nut packaging machines
First, the poor stability of the system leads to instability in the amount of bags. To solve this problem, you can test whether the line is faulty or remove the host, apply a clear signal through the internal short circuit, determine whether the fault is in the machine or from the switch, and then solve the problem.