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Quad Seal bag packaging machine
- Mar 04, 2019 -

Quad Seal bag packaging machine

Pet food bag packing machine

The quad seal bag is also called as enbloc seal bag, or four edges seal bag, and one of the stand-up bag. 

Quad sealing bag is also called as Four Edges sealing bag (2)

The quad seal packaging machine(four edges seal machine, one of the vffs machine) is the new innovated but also widely popular vertical packaging machine. The four edges seal packaging machine make quad sealing bag and perfectly package all kind of treasure products like pet food, biscuits, nuts,coffee beans,milk powder,tea leaves,dry fruits,etc.

Quad sealing packaging machine CP460T-CP520T (2)

Quick details

Packaging: Four edges sealing Bag, quad sealing bag, Enbloc sealing stand up bag

Packaging Material: Open rollstock Film

Structure: SS304 

Operation: PLC Control, Easy Operation