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- Jan 18, 2019 -


Puffed food is usually produced and processed in the form of flakes and granules, which belongs to the favorite of gourmand . In the packaging, you can choose the puffed food packaging machine (as shown in the figure), the details are as follows.


In addition to mainly processing and packaging the format granular puffed food, besides, powder , liquid (liquid package machine ) and other products can also be packaged. The equipment is suitable for packaging of various materials, including three kinds of packaging bag composite materials (opp material, PE material, Aluminized material) and other composite materials.

Automatic puffed food Packing Machine

Packing and cutting bags accurately; the equipment is controlled by programmable PLC system. The function keys on the interface of touchscreen are simple and clear. When the granular puffed food flows into the packaging bags according to the set parameters, it fills the inert gas. After a certain volume, it can be directly cut by eye detection, cut one step, and seal accurately. The above steps and procedures are carried out synchronously and interlocking.

Sample bags by vffs machine with multihead weigher

There are many packaging specifications; for the foodie that often buys food, it must be known that each of the same puffed food is divided into different specifications, such as small packages, mediate bags and large packages. The machine is suitable for packing with a wide range of specifications, fully automatic packaging, at least 35 packages per minute. The maximum length is 350 mm and the maximum width is 250 mm. The product specifications of packaging are enough to meet the needs of various consumers on the market,  specific depending on the user's requirements.