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Troubleshooting methods of automatic nut packing machine ( Ⅱ )
- Apr 08, 2018 -
We've already mentioned the first method of troubleshooting a fully automated nut packer in our previous article, and then we'll take a look at the two remaining troubleshooting methods together.
Second, in weighing and packaging machine often encounter sensor damage, for bridge voltage failure, line connection or interruption is wrong. The elimination method is: detecting the load signal of the sensor and the connecting line or the host, and detecting the supply bridge and the amplifying circuit or the computer output display circuit in the near future.
Thirdly, that electromagnet of the full-automatic nut PAC machine does not suck, and the cause of the failure are mostly the internal failure of the main machine, the burning of the electromagnet coil, the interruption of the circuit and other reasons. Second check the electromagnet safety tube, check whether there are signs of electromagnet power, eliminate mechanical jam, under the condition of everything is normal to detect internal power supply.
Well, through the study of the above two articles, do you know anything about some troubleshooting of the fully automatic nut packing machine? If you are interested in the site's full-automatic nut packaging machine information, you can continue to pay attention to the site oh.