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Vertical Powder, Liquid and Granule Packing Machine
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Vertical Powder, Liquid and Granule Packing Machine

Basic Info

Model NO.: CP240

Material Type: Powder, liquid, or granule by differet filler 

Packaging: Bag,sachet, pouch

Sealing type: center sealing(back sealing, pillow sealing), three sdie sealing, or four sides sealing 

Packaging Material: Composite Materials

Certification: CE

Specification: China

Origin: China

HS Code: 842230

Product Description

Vertical Powder, Liquid and Granule Packing Machine
small vertical granule packing machine.jpg

It's suitable to use in automatically packing any loose, no adhesive, granular materials of foodstuff, medicine, and chemical industry. Such as puffy food, fried food, shrimp slices, chips, peanuts, melon seeds, oatmeal, fragile food, instant drink, desiccant, monosodium glutamate, sugar, salt, washing powder etc.

Main standard features:
Chinese and English display control system, stainless steel box body, after the parameters ( length of bag) are set at the display setting unit, the control system then automatically optimizes and matches various movements, thus achieves the best packing speed...Controlled by intelligent temperature controller, and all the processes of measuring, making, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting etc. Can be done automatically.

Model Packaging speed
Packing volume
Bag size
Dimension (mm)
COMEQ -80 25-60 20-60 220/2.0-2.5 (L)80-150
350 1000X800X1800

sample sachet by small vffs machine.png