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Honey Stick Packing Machine

This stick pack machine Mainly Package the paste, or the sauce, and any similar viscous material, such as honey, syrup, ketchup, salad sauce, etc...

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Product Details

Honey Stick Packing Machine

It is a Vertical Single Lane Stick Pack Machine.

Product description:

Filling Range: 5g-100g

Sealing Type: Stick

Pouch Size: W15-110mm, L30-160mm

Packing Speed: 40-60 Pouch Per Minute

Shipping Dimensions: 840*840*1900 mm

Power Load: 2.0 KW, Single Phase

sample liquid stick pack by stick liquid packaging machine.jpg


This machine is used for packing No-sticky granule such as black tea, Oolong tea, food, chemical and medicine, etc

Optional: round corner cutting stick, double horizontal sealing(no air liquid stick package)

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