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Juice stick Packing Machine

This stick pack machine Mainly Package the liquid, such as fruit juice, jelly, oil, etc. Packaging materials: generally, the Nylon/PE is better, also the other laminated film is also ok.

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Product Details

Juice stick Packing Machine

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This stick machine can automatic measuring,making bag,filling,sealing ,cutting off,batching number and output counting,suitable for viscous material such as honey,chocolate paste,etc.

Basic characteristics:

  • PLC, self-diagnosis function,easy to operate.

  • According to film thickness(suport 70-140mic),set temperatue on the panel directly.

  • Adjust the stick length on contral system directly,high sensitive trace sensor.

  • Heating and mixing system ,heating temperatue upto 100℃,more suitable for viscous material.

  • Whole machine material is stainless steel 304,in line with international food and medicine industry.

  • Driving type is Electric+pheumatic,more beautiful sealing appearence.




Range of measurement:10-100ml/0.35oz-3.5oz

Bag type:center sealing/stick

Packaging Material: 70-130mic laminated film such as PE + paper +pet/ PE + PET/ AL Foil / PE + Nylon + PET / Filter paper   ect.

Voltage power:380v/50Hz  220V/50-60Hz   1.5KW

Net Weight:220kg/485lb

Overall Dimention(L*W*H):712*680*1850mm/28″*26.77″*72.83″

Driven Type:Pheumatic+electric or electric

Air Consumption:0.4m3/min  0.6-0.8mpa

Optional sealing and cutting type: straight line sealing, diamond sealing/mirco-diamond sealing, zigzag cutting, straight line cutting(flat cutting), round corner cutting, etc,

stick pack drawing the cerpack's machien can supply.png

Sample stick 

sample liquid stick pack by stick liquid packaging machine.jpg

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