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Tomato Sauce Pouch Packing Machine

Tomato Sauce Pouch Packing Machine

The automatic paste/sauce packaging machine is suitable mainly to packaging sauce/paste in bag, such as sweet sauce, butter, salads sauce, peanut butter, marmalade, chili sauce, tomato paste, etc.

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Product Details

Tomato Sauce Pouch Packing Machine

Quick details:

Model: CP420B/CP398B

Application: sauce, paste,or similar bad flowing liquid

Bag type: pillow bag, pillow bag with top hole, gusset bag, chain bag with batch cutting,etc

Bag size: length 80-300mm, width 60-200mm

Bag volume range:Max.2300ml(usually, within 1kg) 

Measured and filled by: Piston filler(sauce)

Packaging speed:600-2000 bags per minute(single filling head piston)

Top hopper: general hopper, hopper with stirrer, or heating hopper with stirrer

Positive filling valve: yesbasic information of the tomato sauce pack machine.jpg

Tomato Sauce Pouch Packing Machine.jpg

Automatic tomato sauce packaging machine 


1. Save labor, and improve production efficiency.

    One set of machine's efficiency is higher than 5 workers.

2. Reduce packaging material cost.

    Compared with using premade bags, you will save $150 per day.

3. One or Two-years guarantee, hassle-free after-sales service.

    Professional and prompt service is always promised.

futures of the automatic pillow bag sauce packing machine.jpg

Samples by the automatic sauce packing machine

Tomato sauce bag by vertical sauce packing machine.jpg

Oil bag by automatic vertical sauce packing machine.jpg

The pillow bag sauce automatic packaging machine runs as:

running process of the pillow bag sauce automatic packing machine.jpg

Main electric and pneumatic components: 

PLC: Mitsubishi

HMI: WeinView/Samkoo

Servo motor and servo driver: Panasonic

Cylinder and related pneumatic components: AirTac,or SMC

Relay and Switch power supply: Omron


1. What about your vertical packing machine quality?

Our factory has 16 years experience in mechanical processing; all our machines already get ISO9001, SGS certificate, CE certificate; already exported into many countries and areas; already got customer’s good reputation.

2. What about your vertical powder packing machine price?

Anytime we will make quality as factory life, no matter price is good or not for us. Quality is first, on the top quality basis, Sure you will get reasonable and satisfied price!

3.Can you send me the video to show how the machine work?

Certainly, we have made video of every machine and uploaded them by our chain address. Pls. contact with us, we will send you machine video.

4.What about your installation service and sales service?

a.Guarantee is two year, we will supply spare parts or send engineers to your side if you need, we will give you service anytime, 24 hours, 7days.

b.We already prepare technical manual and operation video to show our customers, then it will be easy to install and use the machine.

c.It is free to train your worker in our factory or in your side or by video.

Package and load:

package and load your ordered vertical packaging machine.jpg

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