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Three Points You Should Consider To Automatic Powder Packing Machine As You Are Ready To Order An Powder Pouch Packing Machine
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Three points you should consider to Automatic powder packing machine as you are ready to order an powder pouch packing machine

The automatic powder packing machine is one of our CERPACK’s main packing machinery markets, nearly 30% of our automatic packaging machine projects. The powder filling packing machine is widely used to automatically package powder products in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, agriculture, and food industry, such as wheat flour, cornstarch, soy milk powder, milk powder, coffee powder, cocoa powder, curry powder, pepper powder, alkaline powder, powder additive, essence, cements powder etc. The fully automatic powder packing machine market is to grow fast in soon future as the convenient product (on-go-to) has been becoming popular day by day recently. There are three main point you have to make them surely clearly so that you can get the suitable powder packing machine solution before you come to automatic power pouches packing machine as following:

1.      If you powder product is free-flow product, or not free-flow?

Only the non-free-flowing type powder is the exact powder, and can be measured and filled by auger filler, and be packaged by the auger filler powder packing machine.

Some powder, like granule sugar(even micro granule), table salt, instant coffee, instant milk powder, are also free-flowing due to their particles are not cohesive so that common extra pressure usually can not effect their shape.

Only the powder whose particles are cohesive, such as brown sugar, powder milk(pure milk powder), flour,  are non-free flowing. They usually trend to hold and keep their shape as they are under some extra adding pressure.

So please firstly check, and confirm if your powder product is easy flowing, or not easy flowing.

2.      If your powder product is dusty type?

Most of the non-free-flowing powder are easily dusty, such as flour, pure spice powder, etc. A dust cloud usually appears as this type of powder is dosed. Their particles can usually travel very far, go through even very min gap, and cling to any surface easily. Some mechanical issues may occur as a result of these loose airborne particulates if this condition is not considered, and care seriously in the context of the powder packing machinery.

So some available options, or special design for the non-free-flowing powder packaging machines we are glad to recommend and use if your product is dusty, such as:

 the dust proof and explosion prevention cabinet(IP rated) for the flour powder packing machine can prevent the dust entering the cabinet;

the extra dust extraction device or dust hood for the cement powder packing machine is designed to help to remove the airborne;

the enclosed sealing jaw drive in the main vertical form fill seal machine, can help to prevent the integral moving the sealing jaws driven parts;

the outer tube of the measuring screw of the automatic auger filler powder packaging machine is to thread into the bottom of the bag former so that most of the dust cloud can be controlled in the outer tube of the screw;

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3.      How much gram per ml your powder is? Just the bulk density is enough.

As we know, the bulk density basically decides the bag sizes and former size. In fact, the bulk density has more influences for both the user, and the automatic powder packing machine supplier. So how the powder packing machine will deal with the bulk density?  

For example, 1000gram of cement powder Vs. 1000gram of flour. The package sizes and available bag types are usually very different although they have same weight of 100gram because the empty space around & inside of the two products are vastly different. The cement contains little empty space, and is more compressed in the bag package so that small size bag is enough. However, the flour contains much more empty space than the cement, and does not compress much at all so that it asks much bigger pouch.

We can get a simple and clear conclusion that the bulk density is an basically important consideration as we need to package powder because it decides directly the bag type, the pouch sizes, the type of dosing head, and also the packaging speeds.

Fully automatic powder pouch packing machine experts

We have successfully finished hundreds of the automatic powder packing machine for many customers with the powder packaging machine cases as:Gusset bag by powder packing machine.jpg

milk powder pouch packing machine

spice packaging machines

gusset pouch powder packing machine

quad-Seal Gusseted Bag coffee powder packaging machine

powder stick packing machine

pouch powder packing machine

flour automatic packing machine

powder drink mix stick pack machine with easy tear notch

Spices small sachet bags packaging machine

Protein powder packaging machine( stick pack, gusset bag, and also four edges seal gusset bag)


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