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- Feb 16, 2019 -


There are various benefits that stem from the use of the automated packing machine in the food processing industry. These include: increase efficiency and output and protecting food from cross-contamination and external damage. We help the food industry store and keep food fresh for very long periods of time, enabling you to provide your products to consumers with confidence.

Productivity and Efficiency

Through the use of the automated packing machine, our customers can achieve the productivity and long-term success they are seeking to achieve. Our machines can increase the efficiency of an operation significantly, which means our customers can get more of their products out the door in a shorter amount of time. This is a huge advantage for companies that produce meats, poultry, bakery items and perishable products with shorter shelf life.

Automated packing machines do just what the term says – the automate the entire process, enabling very fast turnarounds with the packaging of tremendous qualities of food items per hour.

Machine Maintenance

Although the maintenance required on our machines is general very low, if something does need to be repaired, we are available over the phone for complimentary repair services. If the issue is a little more complex and requires professional attention, we have an extensive network of service technicians we can recommend.

However, our machines are made with high-quality materials such as stainless-steel, and are built for long lasting service cycles.

Increase Productivity

The increase in productivity our customers experience by leveraging an automated packing machine is significant compared to companies that employ more traditional, manual processes in their operation.

The level of automation our machines provide increase productivity and efficiency while also reducing the overall cost of operation. Our machines help you reduce human error in the process if packaging which reduces the amount of materials wasted. Our machines are easily programmable, allowing the user to change the settings based on the packaging requirements for the product being packaged.

Providing an Array of Packing Solutions

Whether you’re in need of a complete turnkey solution or are looking for a certain machine to replace part of your existing production process, you’ll be able to find anything you need at CER Packing Machinery. From vertical bagging systems to plastic bag sealing machines and more, we have the packaging solution you need to sustain and/or enhance your food packaging operations.

For more information take a close look at our suite of packaging and weighing products. At CERPACK, we specialize in providing quality and value to our customers.