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Automatic Packing Machine for Flour/Cocoa/Corn/Protein/Grain/Baking Powder
- Aug 30, 2018 -

Automatic Packing Machine for Baking Powder

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Basic Info

Model NO.: CP320B

Material Type: Powder

Packaging: Bag

Packaging Material: Film

Transport Package: Domestic Wooden Box Packing

Specification: L1067*W1026*H1288mm

Origin:  Guangdong, China

Product Description

Automatic Powder Measuring & Packing Machine

1,English screen display;(can change many other countries' language)
2,Simens PLC clearly show the working station,simple operation directly;
3,Simens PLC system provide stable work procedures;
4,Can stock ten dispose,fit to the change of the product packing fastly;
5,Using intellect thermostat,can control the temperature within 2oC.

This automatic packaging machine can be used in combination with auger metering machine
and spiral vibrating feeder. Fully automatic packaging from the top to the package. The whole
machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food hygiene. The collar
type shaper is used. The bag type is perfect and beautiful. A variety of packaging models for
customers to choose, to achieve the diversity of packaging, improve the practicality of the

The core part: auger filler machine. The addition, filling and measurement of the powder
are carried out through the machine. It is an important part of the powder semi-automatic
packaging machine. It determines the packing precision, the packing speed and the packing
weight.It can pack a variety of powder :green tea powder/flour/pepper/washing powder/cocoa
powder/curry powder/protein powder/corn powder/nutritive powder/colour powder/nylon
powder/grain powder/dumpling flour/chemical powder/baking powder/make-up powder. 

1,Guesst device;            
2,Hole punching device;
3,"PE" film device;      
4,Dust cleaning device;
5,Automatic deviation checking equipment;
6,Even the bag device;
7,Vacuum film;
8,Inflator equipment;
9,Air expeller;
10,Safety switch device;
11,Bags under recoil device;
12,Static charge eliminator.

Servo MotorSchneiderFrance
Servo DriverSchneiderFrance
Material Photoelectric SensorAutonicsKorea
Mixing MotorYKTaiWan,China
Frequency ChangerYataiShangHai,China
Color Label OptoelectronicBeideliTaiWan,China
Temperature control meterYataiShangHai,China
Transverse sealing cylinderAirtacTaiWan,China
Longitudinal sealing cylinderAirtacTaiWan,China
Cutting knife cylinderAirtacTaiWan,China
Electromagnetic valveAirtacTaiWan,China
Auxiliary relayOmronJapan
Solid-state relaySchneiderFrance
Push button stop switchSchneiderFrance
Start buttonSchneiderFrance
Stop buttonSchneiderFrance
Film closing switchSHFGShangHai,China
Square close switchSHFGShangHai,China
Film discharging motorJiangShengGuangDong,China

Q1: What kind of material is this machine made of ?
A1: Stainless steel 304. 
Q2: What is the warranty for this machine?
A2: One year free for replacement of wearing parts, cost price beyond warranty.
Q3: What's your trade terms?
A3: Usually FOB Guangzhou,China.
Q4: What's the delivery time?
A4: Usually 15-30 days, depends on order quantity.
Q5: What's the payment terms?
A5: T/T 50% deposit, 50% balance before delivery.
Q6: What's the packing of this machine?
A6: Bubble film wrapping inside, Non fumigated wooden case outside.
Q7: What's the shippment?
A7: By sea, by air, by railway or by truck, according to customer's requirement.
Q8: Why to choose JieAo?
A8: We have 15 years of manufacture experience! The process of the surface treatment and
appearance is originally from Germany.We focuse on quality and achieve the top class of result.