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Corn Automatic Packaging Machine Factory Sales
- Apr 08, 2018 -

                                   Corn packing machine company specializes in grain automatic packing machine, automatic particle packing machine, powder automatic packing machine, automatic food packing machine and other products. Free of charge for users with on-site test machine. Corn packaging machine by computer calculation of instantaneous combination, high precision measurement, high speed packaging, can adapt to irregular shape, specific gravity of the material, also can adapt to viscous material packaging, such as puffed food, snack food, oil mixed food, frozen food, etc., widely used in the food industry.
The corn packing machine is fed by variable speed screw. it is mainly designed for powder with density slightly small, volume slightly large and particle size d50 20 μ m - 5 μ m. it adopts variable frequency speed regulation function, electronic automatic metering technology, controlled by PLC program, man-machine interface operation and full automatic operation. it has the characteristics of high packing speed, accurate metering and no dust. Widely used in heavy calcium, talc powder, high light calcium, zinc oxide, oxidation ladder, silicon carbide, corn starch, stearic acid and other powder.
performance parameter
Product overview of corn packaging machine;
1. the corn packaging machine has the advantages of high precision, high speed, long service life, good stability, manual bagging and automatic metering.
2, is not limited by the packaging container, suitable for material varieties and packaging specifications often change occasions.
3, large for self-flow feeding, small for vibration feeding, electronic scale weighing, overcome the shortcomings of the measurement error caused by the change of material specific gravity.
4, digital display is simple and intuitive, continuous adjustable packaging specifications, working state arbitrary transformation, operation is very simple.
5, for easy to produce dust material in the bag mouth can be equipped with my company's unique design of dust removal interface or dust absorption device.