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Different Bag Styles The Vffs Machine Can Make
- Mar 04, 2019 -

Different bag styles the vffs machine can make

--Pillow bag Vs. Three side sealing bag 

There are many types of food packaging bags, such as: 3side sealing bags, back sealing bags(pillow bags),  stand-up bags and so on. The classification of these bags can basically distinguish their bag making process from the name. Let's introduce the difference between the pillow bag and the 3 side sealing bag.

Optional bag shapes_副本

The pillow bag is also called the middle sealing bag. It is simply a packaging bag for sealing the back of the bag body. The back sealing bag has a wide range of applications. Generally, candy, bagged instant noodles, bagged dairy products, etc. are used. Class packaging form. The packaging of rice is now much simpler and the packaging is in a variety of shapes. Many rice bags are getting smaller and smaller, and the materials of the bags are getting more and more. We often use large bags and small vacuum bags. The use of vacuum bags to package rice is also constantly practiced and developed to ultimately position the packaging of the vacuum bag in a back-sealing package. The use of back-sealing bags to package rice on the one hand can guarantee the quality of rice and prevent the rice from being wet. On the other hand, the pillow bag packaging is not only small and convenient, but also the customer's purchase and carrying is beautiful and generous.

The weight of the pillow bagged rice is generally 6 or 8 kg, and the pillow bag is packed in the same size and carries. The pillow bag can be used as a food bag, mainly used for product packaging, storing food, medicine, cosmetics, frozen food, philatelic products, etc., moisture proof, waterproof, insect proof, preventing things from scattering, can be reused, and will be sealed with a single push. Strict, non-toxic, tasteless, flexible, and easy to seal, very convenient.

The 3 side sealing bag has the best air tightness, and the actual bag must be used in this way. 3 side sealing bags require vacuum packaging in many cases. This reason is also very diversified. Sometimes it may be to prevent food from spoiling. Sometimes it is necessary to make the shelf life longer. Vacuum packaging is also commonly referred to as decompression packaging. The main purpose is to draw out all the air in the bag and seal it so that the bag is always under high pressure. Not only that, the loss of the 3 side sealing material is low, the machine uses a pre-made packaging bag, the packaging bag has a perfect pattern, and the sealing quality is good, thereby improving the product grade.

The sealing performance of the three-side sealing bag is excellent, the barrier is high, the oxygen permeability and the moisture permeability are ultra-low, the moisture-proof, anti-fouling, anti-radiation and anti-corrosion, the mechanical property is strong, the appearance is bright and practical, the non-toxic and the odorless meet the national standard. At present, the best containers for packaging powdered and granular products such as fertilizers, pesticides, cement, grain, etc. are generally packaged in ordinary plastic woven bags and three-side sealed bags, which can hold about 20kg to 50kg, which is convenient. Handling, stacking, handling and storage features.

The production of back sealing bags and three-side sealing bags are produced by different equipment, but there are also 3 side sealing and back sealing mechanical equipment. Because of the different production steps between the two, there will be some differences in the use. However, there is a certain similarity between the two, that is, they are often used as packaging bags for food and other products.

Sample pillow bags by vffs machine

sample powder bag

5kg and 10 kg grain bag