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Different Dosing Heads For Vertical Packaging Machine
- Mar 04, 2019 -

Different dosing heads for vertical packaging machine

Vertical Packaging machines, also called professionally as vertical form fill seal machines(vffs), do not measure or dispense, and fill product by themselves. Instead, an individual dosing head (works as filler) can do the automatic measuring/metering jobs. 

Often, a flexible packaging machine will work along with a dosing head to accurately measure the product as the volume, or the weight of product before it is filled into bags. Depending on your product properties, The different dosing heads for vertical packaging machine as your different products, and different productivity need will be recommended:

Granule: volumetric cup filler, multi-head weigher, liner weigher.

For example, the combinated multihead weigher usually works for solid products. This equipment uses a number of buckets to accurately weigh products before dropping them into bags.Combing with higher accuracy and higher simulation speed,calculate the best combination of weighs by computer.

four head linear weigher

Powder: auger filler.

It is often for powder products. This equipment of our copmany is driven by servo motor,which has the characteristics of accurate positionging,high speed,large torqeu,long service life,settable speed and good stability.

Auger filler of Automatic powder packing machine_副本

Liquid & paste: Pneumatic piston pump filler, magnetic pump filler, rotor pump filler; 

For example, the liquid piston pump usually measures specific volumes of product into bags.

Hardware: Vibrating counting disc, the customized hardware multihead weigher; 

For example, the vibrating counting disc( bowl) along with the couting fiber will automatically count the hardware item one by one, and fill them into bags by the packaging machine, or the bucket of the feeding conveyor. 

Vibrating bowls of the automatic counting and packing machine