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Economic Sachet Drinking Pure Water Packing Machine
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Economic Sachet Drinking Water Packing Machine

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Basic Info

Model NO.: CP1000

Filling Principle: Pressure

Packaging: Bag,pouch,sachet

Packaging Material: Single layer PE film 

Model: CP1000

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz, 2000W

Package Measurement: 100-500g

Filling Accuracy: +/-1.2%

Dimension: 890*850*2000mm

Weight: 300kgs

Size of Bag(mm)L: 30-185mm(L)

Size of Bag(mm)W: 110-150mm(W)

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Transport Package: Wooden Case


Origin: China

HS Code: 8422301090

Product Description

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Main performance
This machine is a vertical type machine, it seal back sealing, intermittent high-accuracy liquid
packing machine. It can automatic complete the full process of bag-making, fill, seal, print number,
cut and counting and so on, be controlled by microprocessor, allocated accurately and reliablely, it
is the most advanced liquid object in domestic market at present, especially suitable to pack the
single or compound films. 

It is suitable for packing sauce, ice-lolly, popsicle,liquor, vinegar, soft drink, beanmilk, milk,
peanut oil, vegetable oil, and various plant oil, mineral water and liquid chemical products. 

Automatic liquid packing machine functions
(1) Film Pouch or Bag-shaping
(2) Ultraviolet sterilization
(3) Thermal vertical sealing
(4) Production date and marks printing automatically
(5) Linear bag traction
(6) Quantitative filling
(7) Thermal transverse sealing
(8) Bag-cutting automatically
(9) Automatic counting

Characteristics of this machine:
· Controlled by the computer,uncomplicated operation, easy maintenance, stable function and reliable
· The packing speed has no rank to adjust.
· Adopts exclusive control technology for the length of sacks, the length of sacks has no rank to
adjust. The length of the manufacturing sacks is accurate and easy to adjust.
· Intelligible temperature-control instrument, it can constantly control the hot-seal temperature,
certify the quality of the seal.
· Unique photoelectricity orientation technology, to assure complete picture of the manufacturing
sacks with color marks.
· In the rated scope, the packing amount has no rank to adjust.
· Print the batch number of the products automatically, made the tearing opening easy for use.

Performance parameter : 
capacity50 ~ 500ml200~1000ml
powerAC220V/50Hz ,  AC380AC220V/50Hz.,AC380
Confession paper electric motor250W/220V250W/220V
heat-seal power 300W500W
Hotor power370W/380V/220V370W/380V/220V
Outline dimension950×800×2000mm1000×900×2200mm
Machine weight320Kg360Kg