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Features To Look For A Beef Jerky Packing Machine
- Feb 04, 2019 -

Features to look for a beef jerky packing machine 

The type of system you use to packaging beef jerky is going to have an impact on your product just as the type of processing method you use as well as the quality of the raw materials.

At CER Packing Machinery, we understand the unique needs in jerky processing. While we are using the term beef jerky, our beef jerky packaging machine can also be used for turkey jerky and even those niche producers making the unique jerkies from exotic meats and wild game.

The Features Required

Jerky is a unique product in that is dried, but not completely without moisture. This tends to create more clumping and sticking during the weighing process. In turn, this results in irregular fill with some bags being lighter than required and some being heavier.

Our beef jerky packaging machine and system is designed to eliminate these problems. By using a specific system that starts with sorting, continues to weighing and then bagging, we can provide the perfect amount in every bag with every fill.

The Components

Our system uses an overhead delivery to our beef jerky packaging machine The bucket conveyor carries the jerky up to the top of the system then spreads out any clumps without damaging the product.

From here is it fed into a multi-head weigher, allowing for precise packing by weight. At speeds of up to 240 cycles per minute, we can provide accuracy to just a small fraction of a gram. This slight deviation from absolute precision is due to the irregular sizes of the jerky, but the system makes the process extremely accurate to that allowable portion of a gram variance.

From here, the product drops down into the bagger. With our systems you can choose from film to premade pouches, just let us know, and our engineers will customize the system to your specific needs.