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Former:one Core Part Of The Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine
- Mar 04, 2019 -

Former:one core part of the vertical form fill seal machine

vffs process flow diagram

The bag former(collar) is one of the most important components in the forming filling and sealing machine, and has a direct impact on the form, size and product quality of the package. In order to ensure the quality of the packaged products, in the filling and sealing machine for vertical intermittent operation, the lapel-type former is mainly used, but the design calculation is more complicated than other formers, and one shaper only applies one bag width, and When the bag width changes, it needs to be replaced separately.

The bag former can be changed according to the customer's choice of product bag shape, and has a variety of options to meet a variety of customer needs. The gap between the collar and the barrel is designed according to the thickness of the packaging film.

The Collar type former's Advantage:

1) The design accuracy of the bag former is relatively high (0.001mm)

2) The bag former has a large degree of freedom, and it can be designed with a cylindrical collar-shaped former of any bag width.

3) The bag former must be installed and commissioned so that the former works reliably

how the vertical form fill seal machine works