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Guangzhou Herbal Tea Packaging Powder Herbal Tea Automatic Packaging Machine Manufacturers
- Apr 08, 2018 -

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Guangzhou herbal tea packaging _ powder herbal tea automatic packaging machine manufacturers
Source: site release time: 2016 - 09 - 22
The powder herbal tea automatic packaging unit has the functions of automatic bag feeding, bag feeding, bag feeding, sealing and the like. Can be used for paper-plastic compounding, plastic-plastic compounding, aluminum-plastic compounding, PE compounding and the like. The full-automatic bag-feeding powder packaging machine can realize the full-automatic packaging of similar products such as liquid and the like only by matching different metering devices according to different materials. Used for packing bagged powder products, such as: black sesame paste, milk tea, facial mask powder, milk powder, medicine, pesticide, seasoning, etc. Is suitable for materials with poor fluidity and has the advantages of rapidness, accuracy, economy, practicality and the like.
Technical parameters of automatic packaging machine for powder herbal tea
Supply voltage: 380 v three-phase four-wire system
Power consumption: 1600 ( heating 180.times.4 ) w
Packing capacity: 40 - 60 bags / min
Measuring range: 1.0 - 50 mm
Bag size: 60 - 180 mm long and 50 - 120 mm wide
Net weight: 200 kg
Dimensions: 650 * 750 * 1588 mm
Characteristics of automatic packaging machine for powder herbal tea
The milk tea packaging machine has the advantages of good performance, clear sealing veins, simple operation, strong sealing performance and low noise;
The milk tea packaging machine adopts a unique embedded sealing design, intelligent temperature controller temperature control, and a reinforced heat sealing mechanism, which has good heat balance and is suitable for various packaging materials;
Sesame paste packaging machine can be automatically completed in the process of packaging measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, hot pressing batch number and so on all work;
According to the needs of the user, through changing the cutter to achieve pattern cutting, cutting, cutting, cutting, cutting, so that the cutting knife when cutting bag is stable, reliable, not card pocket;
Powder herbal tea automatic packaging machine mainly choose equipment
Screw feeder, rotary feeder, material bag conveyor, weight sorting scale, metal detector, automatic packing, sealing, packing and stacking system for secondary packing