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Guangzhou Quantitative Packaging Automatic Quantitative Valve Pocket Automatic Packaging Machine Factory Sales
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Automatic quantitative valve pocket automatic packaging machine is a new type of packaging machine which has accumulated more than 10 years of professional packaging machine manufacturing experience, digested foreign advanced technology, combined with China's national conditions, took three years of independent research and development, has a number of patented technology, has completely independent intellectual property rights.
Main features of automatic quantitative valve pocket automatic packaging machine;
1. low energy consumption and power consumption of 60 watts / hour, compared with the traditional packaging machine energy saving average 98 %, gas consumption is very low about 0.1 cubic / minute, compared with the traditional packaging machine reduced by an average of 50 %.
2. the low wear is controlled by low air pressure, which hardly generates extrusion force on the materials, and the friction force is extremely small, so that the wear of the tank body is greatly reduced, and the wear of mechanical transmission parts is avoided.
3. the low-pressure instantaneous flow control is adopted for low pollution, the mixed gas amount of the materials in the conveying process is very small, and the expansion, breaking and leakage of the dust are avoided in the packaging process of extremely low pressure ( about 0.01 - 0.05 MPa ), so that the leakage of the dust is effectively controlled, and the pollution amount of the traditional packaging machine is effectively reduced by 70 - 90 %.
4. packaging precision effective control microcomputer control, simple and intuitive, with self-adjusting fully closed gate valve to perform fast feeding, fine feeding, material flow characteristics is flowing, and a little resistance can be stopped, the impact of material flow is minimal to the measurement precision control is easier.
5. all pneumatic components with extremely high stability are made of Asian - german brand in Taiwan, all electrical equipment is made of schneider brand, and pneumatic butterfly valves are made of weierme brand, with reliable and guaranteed quality.
6. electric appliance control box and pneumatic control panel with beautiful overall appearance are made stainless steel, beautiful and practical, main parts are laser cut, specifications are unified, whole frame is shot blasting and plastic spraying treatment, overall design is compact and reasonable, and it is suitable for various site installation and use.